"Crazy Ballerina" is a Just Dance Machine routine that is a Just Dance Unlimited exclusive. It is available on Just Dance 2017.

Appearance of the Dancer

The coach is a ballerina with black hair in a bun, a black, low-necked sweater, a purple glove, a pink tutu with orange leggings underneath and black ballerina shoes.


The background is a gradient, which turns from dark blue and black to blue and pink. There are some white stripes appearing at specific parts of the routine.

Routine Description

The routine starts with a ballet moves (make ovals with your arms while semi-crouching), then dubstep steps in (do a wave with both of your arms while sliding to the left or right, then lean to the left or right side with opened arms).


  • This is the only Just Dance Machine routine that uses zoom effects.




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