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This page concerns content that has been shelved or removed from the series. Before updating this article, please ensure the veracity and verifiability of the information. Remember to cite your sources.

Just Dance Now (China) (舞力全开:活力派), also known as Just Dance: Vitality School, was a Chinese Just Dance game based off of Just Dance Now.

As of May 20, 2017, the game is unavailable outside of China.[1][2]

As of Febuary 17, 2020 at 15:00 CST, the game has been shut down.[3]


  • Just Dance TV - an interactive Just Dance TV show which will air in China. Removed in recent versions of the game.
  • In-game coaches
  • Touch Screen Mode (phone only), similar to mobile versions of Michael Jackson: The Experience. Removed in recent versions of the game.


  • A (VIP) indicates that this song requires a VIP pass in order to be played.
Song Artist Year Mode Dancer(s) Original Game
English 中文 English 中文
Baby Girl 宝贝女孩 Reggaeton 雷鬼 2009 Solo
BabyGirl cover generic.jpg
Just Dance 2
Boom (VIP) Reggaeton Storm 雷鬼风暴 2006 Solo
Just Dance 3
Chiwawa (VIP) 吉娃娃 Wanko Ni Mero Mero 喝醉的小狗 2015 Solo
Chiwawa cover generic.png
Just Dance 2016
Crazy Christmas (VIP) 疯狂圣诞 Santa Clones 克隆圣诞老人 2010 Solo
Just Dance 2
Dagomba 达贡巴 Sorcerer 巫师 2010 Solo
ElectroTribalDLC jdn cover generic.jpg
Just Dance 2
Down By The Riverside (VIP) 随河而去 The Reverend Horatio Duncan & Amos Sweets 霍雷肖・邓肯与阿莫斯・斯维茨 1918 Solo
Just Dance 2
Drop the Mambo 曼波来了 Diva Carmina 布兰女神 2015 Solo
Electromambo cover generic.png
Just Dance 2016
Epic Sirtaki (VIP) 英雄的瑟塔基舞曲 The Bouzouki's 乐队布祖基 2014 Trio
Sirtaki cover generic.png
Just Dance 2015
Futebol Crazy 狂热足球 The World Cup Girls 世界杯女子乐队 2006 Solo
Just Dance 2
Hungarian Dance No. 5 第五号匈牙利舞曲 Johannes Brahms 勃拉姆斯 1869 Duet
Hungariandance jdnow cover generic.jpg
Just Dance 3
Irish Meadow Dance 爱尔兰草甸舞曲 O'Callaghan's Orchestra 欧卡拉甘乐队 2015 Dance Crew
Saintpatrick cover generic.png
Just Dance 2016
Isidora 伊西多拉 Bog Bog Orkestar 神诋乐团 2013 Solo
Zagreb cover generic.png
Just Dance 2014
Jambo Mambo 你好!曼波! Olé Orquestra 奥莱乐团 1997 Duet
Jambomambo jdnow cover generic.jpg
Just Dance 3
Katti Kalandal 当我抱你时 Bollywood 宝莱坞 2004 Duet
Just Dance 2
Kool Kontact (VIP) 功夫 Glorious Black Belts 荣耀黑带 2015 Duet
Just Dance 2016
Kurio ko uddah le jana 你的弟弟疯了 Bollywood Rainbow 宝莱坞彩虹 1994 Duet
Kurio jdnow cover generic.jpg
Just Dance 3
Mamasita (VIP) 火热辣妈 Latino Sunset 拉丁日暮 2001 Duet
Just Dance 3
Mugsy Baloney 麦格希的谎言 Charleston 查尔斯顿 2002 Duet
MugsyBaloney jdn cover generic.jpg
Just Dance 2
Nitro Bot 氮气机器人 Sentai Express 光速战队 2013 Duet
Robotrock cover generic.png
Just Dance 2014
Professor Pumplestickle (VIP) 搞笑南瓜教授 Nick Phoenix & Thomas J. Bergersen 尼克・菲尼克斯与托马斯・贝格森 2009 Duet
Professeurdlc jdnow cover generic.jpg
Just Dance 2
So Glamorous (VIP) 魅力无限 The Girly Team 女神天团 2012 Solo
Glamorouscusto cover generic.jpg
Just Dance 4
Soul Searchin' (VIP) 心灵探索 Groove Century 旋律世纪 1999 Solo
Just Dance 3
Spectronizer (VIP) 光波超人 Sentai Express 光速战队 2011 Dance Crew
Spectronizerquat jdnow cover generic.jpg
Just Dance 3
Stadium Flow 嗨翻今夜 Imposs 英伯斯 2015 Solo
Stadiumflow cover generic.png
Just Dance 2016
Summer Sweetie 夏日甜心 SNH48 Fei Qinyuan & Li Yitong SNH48 费沁源与李艺彤 2016 Duet
JDCSummerSweetie 2s cover.png
Exclusive Track
The Master Blaster (VIP) 爆破大师 Inspector Marceau 督察马修 2008 Duet

Just Dance 3

Twist and Shake It 扭一扭,摇一摇 The Girly Team 女神天团 2011 Duet
Twist and shake it.jpg
Just Dance 3
William Tell Overture (VIP) 《威廉·退尔》序曲 Rossini 罗西尼 1829 Duet
Just Dance 2016
XMas Tree 圣诞树 Bollywood Santa 宝莱坞圣诞老人 2014 Duet
Bollywoodxmas cover generic.png
Just Dance 2015

Removed Songs

These songs were added to the game but were later removed before the shutdown for potentially unknown reasons.

  • (JDUC) Indicates that this song was later featured on Just Dance Unlimited (China).
  • (UP) Indicates that this song was unplayable when it was listed.
Song Artist Year Mode Dancer(s) Original Game
English 中文 English 中文
Baby Zouk 祖克宝贝 Dr. Creole 克里奥尔博士 1999 Duet
Just Dance 3
Chick Chick (JDUC) 小鸡小鸡 Wang Rong Rollin 王蓉 2014 Solo
JDCChickChick 2s cover.png
Exclusive Track
Coolest Ethnic (JDUC) (UP) 最炫民族风 Phoenix Legend 凤凰传奇 2009 Solo
JDCCoolestEthnic 2s cover.png
Exclusive Track
Feel So Right 无可比拟的感觉 Imposs ft. Konshens 英伯斯 ft. 2013 Solo
Feelsoright cover generic.png
Just Dance 2014
Little Apple (JDUC) (UP) 小苹果 Chopsticks Brothers 筷子兄弟 2014 Duet
LittleAppleCHN cover generic.jpg
Miss Understood 明白小姐 Sammie 珊米 2013 Solo
Misunderstood cover generic.png
Just Dance 2014
Summer Voice (UP) 盛夏好声音 SNH48 2012 Solo
Jdcsummervoice cover generic.png
Exclusive Track
Why Oh Why 为什么 Love Letter 情书 2007 Duet
Whyowhy jdnow cover generic.jpg
Just Dance 2
You’re On My Mind 你在我心中 Imposs ft. J. Perry 英伯斯 ft. J·佩里 2014 Dance Crew
Onmymind cover generic.png
Just Dance 2015

Beta Songs

These songs were planned to be in the game, but were never added before its shutdown.

  • (JDUC) Indicates that the song was later featured on Just Dance Unlimited (China).
  • (JD2019) Indicates that the song was later featured on Just Dance 2019
  • (ZH4) Indicates that the song was later featured on 舞力全开.
Song Artist Year Mode Dancer(s) Original Game
English 中文 English 中文
4 Walls f(x) 2015 Solo
JDC4Walls cover generic.png
Exclusive Track
Adoration to Happiness 快乐崇拜 Angela Chang & Wilber Pan 张韶涵与潘玮柏 2004 Duet
Jdcadorationtohappiness 2s cover1.png
Exclusive Track
Bad Girl Kris Wu 吴亦凡 2015 Solo
Jdcbadgirl 2s cover.png
Exclusive Track
Bang Bang Bang

BIG BANG 2015 Trio
Jdcbangbangbang 2s cover.png
Exclusive Track
Bar Bar Bar Crayon Pop 2013 Dance Crew
Jdcbarbarbar cover generic.png
Exclusive Track
Big Eyes 大眼睛 Harlem Yu 庾澄慶 2000 Solo
Placeholder song.jpg
Exclusive Track
Buy! Buy! Buy! 买!买!买! LUNAR 2016 Duet
Jdcbuybuybuy 2s cover.png
Exclusive Track


小丑 Wilber Pan 潘玮柏 2014 Trio
Jdcclown cover generic.png
Exclusive Track
Cool Times (So Good) (JDUC) 倍儿爽 Da Zhang Wei 大张伟 2012 Duet
Jdcsogood cover generic.png
Exclusive Track
Cowboy’s Busy 牛仔很忙 Jay Chou 周杰伦 2007 Duet
Jdccowboysbusy cover generic.png
Exclusive Track
Deep 海底 LuHan 鹿晗 2015 Solo
Jdcdeep cover generic.png
Exclusive Track
Drinking Song (JDUC) 酒歌 Hanggai 杭蓋 2007 Trio
Jdcdrinkingsong 2s cover.png
Exclusive Track
Eunuch Migraine 公公偏头痛 Jay Chou 周杰伦 2012 Trio
Jdcdizzyeunuchs cover generic.png
Exclusive Track
Gee Girls' Generation 2009 Trio
Jdcgee 2s cover.png
Exclusive Track
Growl 咆哮 EXO (EXO-M) 2013 Dance Crew
Jdcgrowl 2s cover.png
Exclusive Track
Hot Pot Song (ZH4) 火锅爽 Aya 柳翰雅 2014 Trio
Jdchotpot 2s cover.png
Exclusive Track
Kung Fu Pop (Speshow) 精舞门 Show Luo 罗志祥 2006 Trio
Jdckungfupop 2s cover.png
Exclusive Track
Lost Love Alliance 失恋阵线联盟 Grasshopper 草蜢 1990 Solo
Jdclostlovealliance 2s cover.png
Exclusive Track


The Little Tigers 小虎隊 1991 Duet
Jdclove cover generic.png
Exclusive Track
My Lips 大美丽 Momo Wu 吴莫愁 2015 Solo
Jdcmylips cover generic.png
Exclusive Track
Play Play 我呸 Jolin Tsai 蔡依林 2014 Solo
Jdcpeiplay cover generic.png
Exclusive Track
Real Love 爱有引力 Chris Lee 李宇春 2015 Solo
Jdcreallove 2s cover.png
Exclusive Track
Rock N Roll Electric Music 2010 Solo
Rocknroll cover generic.jpg
Just Dance 4
The Moon Represents My Heart 月亮代表我的心 Teresa Teng 邓丽君 1973 Duet
Jdcthemoon cover generic.png
Exclusive Track
What The... 有事吗... Da Mouth 大嘴巴 2015 Duet
Jdcwhatthe 2s cover.png
Exclusive Track
Youth Training Manual 青春修炼手册 TFBoys 2014 Solo
Jdcyouthtrainingmanual cover generic.png
Exclusive Track



  • 舞力全开:活力派 is the first game in the series to be built up with the Unity game engine.
  • Titanium can be heard at the end of the trailer.
  • All songs returning from the main series are public domain songs from the APM Music and Extreme Music libraries.


  • The menu is based off Just Dance 2016.
  • Every song title and song artist in the game is translated to Chinese.
    • However, on the trailer, the songs names are in English.[4]
  • This game uses Just Dance 2017’s Gold Move effect, but there is a bug where it can show the effect from Just Dance 2015 and Just Dance 2016.
  • In its first version, the game used the traditional feedback icons and the Gold Move effect from the Western series as placeholders. These elements were translated to Chinese in a second version of the game.
    • Also, the screen between the end of a routine and the scores part read "JUST DANCE" in the first version, but it was later changed to "舞力全开" in the following update.
    • Besides, lyrics were available in the earliest versions of the game: after the update, instead, they have to be installed through a mod.
  • As of August 17, 2016, VIP passes were implemented into the game.
  • The coaches who appear on the old and new boot-up screens for the game were not available in the tracklist (ex. I Gotta Feeling, Starships, Pound The Alarm, etc).
    • P1, P2 and P4 from Macarena appear in the main menu too, although the song was not in the game.
  • Three Chinese songs were accidentally released in the game for one day. If the player attempted to play one of the three songs, an error message will pop up, stating that there was an issue while downloading the video for the routine.
  • The menu is sometimes affected by a glitch that places the last playlist displayed on the screen at its bottom.
  • All the letters with an accent appear in a different font than the others.
  • By typing a random dance number on the phone, one can play the game without a screen connected.

Beta Elements

For a full list of 舞力全开:活力派’s beta elements, see Just Dance Now (Chinese Version)/Beta Elements.


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