Dance Quest

  • The Origami quest was originally named Comics quest; this is evidenced by the article written by Just Dance concerning the April content of Just Dance Unlimited.
    • It was later released in June 2017.


  • As seen at E3 2015, the songs weren't listed in alphabetical order.
  • In a beta screenshot, it can be seen that the service was supposed to have a "Favorites" section, similar to Just Dance Now. This was later added in Just Dance 2017.
    • The playlist in the picture also shows Aserejé (The Ketchup Song), which was only released one month after the game was launched in the market (on November 25, 2015).
  • Dark Horse was seen in the Katy Perry playlist, despite not being featured in it in the final service. 

​Songs and Routines


  • The main banner for the On-Stage version was originally going to be orange, as seen in a video showing one of the early versions of Just Dance 2017. It was later changed to pink in the final version.

Acceptable in the 80s

Ain’t My Fault

  • A beta version of the routine is used for some consoles. There aren't any zooms during the chorus, there are flashing squares on the floor, there aren't any circles that flashed to the beat during the pre-choruses, and the coach keeps her alternate color scheme at the end of the routine.

Am I Wrong

  • Am I Wrong’s coach was originally going to have a blue outline instead of a yellow one, as seen on the song's square and coach selection image.

Aserejé (The Ketchup Song)

  • Even though the song appeared in the Just Dance Unlimited section in the E3 version of Just Dance 2016, it wasn't released along with the game itself. Instead, it was released on November 25.

Bang Bang Bang

  • The preview for the VIPMADE version features pictograms with default colors.

BBoom BBoom

  • Originally, the coaches had a different color scheme.

Cheerleader (Felix Jaehn Remix)

  • Cheerleader (Felix Jaehn Remix)’s preview shows placeholder pictogram colors. In the final version, the pictograms are colored dark pink, light pink, green, and blue.
    • Additionally, the Gold Move pictograms did not have a gold aura around them, and the models are in the style of Just Dance 2016 instead of Just Dance 2017.
  • The coaches had different color palettes, as seen in a Just Dance Unlimited promotional trailer.
    • Also, they had a green outline instead of a red one.


  • A Beta version of the Remastered routine was released on Wii U and PC for a short period of time. The differences between this version and the Xbox One/PS4 one are:
    • The dollhouse appears as a plain purple silhouette instead of having shades.
    • The background is plain blue and its pattern has many B's for Barbie, instead of having a gradient and a pattern with chihuahua heads and the Barbie logo.
    • The chihuahua dog that sometimes pops up in the Xbox One/PS4 version is absent.
    • The background in the chorus is entirely recycled from the Classic routine on Wii U/PC, instead of using altered graphics like on Xbox One and PS4.
    • Some animations are missing.
    • The cutscene where the coach rides a pink coupé with a chiwawa sitting on her left is not featured; nevertheless, the car and the barking chiwawa can still be heard.
      • On January 30, 2017, this Beta version was replaced with the current one.

Don’t Let Me Down

  • In the menu icon, P2 is seen wearing a blue glove instead of a yellow one.
  • In a JDTV banner, the coaches are seen with a green outline instead of a fuchsia one.
  • An early version of the routine can be found in the Just Dance Unlimited servers.[1] The following anomalies can be seen.
    • P1’s jumper is yellow instead of blue and her glove is light blue instead of fuchsia.
    • The light blue parts of both coaches’ outfits are darker, and their socks are fuchsia instead of cobalt blue.
    • Two clones of the coaches can be seen behind them.
    • The background in the verses is darker and less detailed.
    • A mockup screenshot is used in the chorus, where the scenery is much lighter, the circle on the floor and the flying books are absent, and the mockup HUD is shown.
    • The screen does not fade to black at the end.

Fine China

  • The remade pictograms for the Extreme Version have default colors on Wii U.

Get Ugly

  • The coaches had a thicker outline.

Hala Bel Khamis

  • The preview gameplay features a more detailed background.


  • According to a Beta video file from the servers, the Fanmade routine initially had more saturated colors and no outline on the dancer.

Here Comes the Hotstepper

  • In the Winter Wonderland trailer, the pictograms have default colors.

Hold My Hand

  • The coach's outline was supposed to be red instead of purple, and his glove was more yellow rather than yellow-green.

How Deep Is Your Love

  • In the menu files, the coach has a blue outline instead of a pink one.
    • Also, some Beta screenshots show her outline fading towards her feet; in the final version, instead, the outline surrounds her whole body.

Imya 505

  • According to the Russian version of Just Dance's website, the choreography initially used moves from the official one. However, it doesn't.[2]

Je sais pas danser

  • Je sais pas danser was initially supposed to have a different menu icon.


  • P2 originally had a slightly different color palette, which can be seen in his cameo in Skibidi’s background.

Just Mario

  • A Beta menu icon can be found in the files of the remake. It features the coach in the Acorn Plains from New Super Mario Bros. U, instead of in front of Princess Peach’s castle.
  • A Beta version of the remake can be found in the Just Dance Unlimited files.[3] The following differences can be seen:
    • The routine initially takes place in Acorn Plains from New Super Mario Bros. U rather than in front of Peach’s castle.
      • This unused background can be also seen in the Beta menu assets.
    • The soundtrack is slightly different and lacks Mario’s voice snippets (except at the end).
    • The brick block is broken with a different animation, and the pieces fade away after a few moments.
    • The rainbow background animation used during the star part is different.
    • The blue pipe that leads the coach to the second background is not crooked towards the camera, resulting in the entrance not being visible.
    • The Fire Flower disappears with no animations.
    • The Piranha Plants are bigger and their pipes do not show their entrance, either.
    • The final background is much less detailed.

Love Is All

  • Love Is All was planned to be added to the Kids Mode through the Just Dance Unlimited service. P1’s avatar can be found in the files and it is usable in Just Dance 2018 in the beginning of the game, and the routine itself also makes a brief appearance in an official video about Kids Mode.[4]

Lush Life

  • The coach originally had a yellow glove instead of the blue one used in the final routine. This Beta element can be seen in Skibidi’s background.


  • A early version of the routine can be found on the servers. She had a orange glove and different outline


  • In a promotional gameplay, it can be seen that the coach of the Extreme Version originally had an outline that faded around his legs instead of wrapping his whole body.


  • In the teaser of the routine, the pictograms have default colors while the official gameplay has a darker green color and tinted red color.

Rockafeller Skank

  • In the Crazy Carnival trailer, the pictograms have default colors.

She’s Got Me Dancing

  • Two pictograms from the Just Dance Now version were going to be used. They were later replaced by newly created ones.

Swish Swish

There Is Nothing Better In The World

  • In the preview, the pictograms have default colors.

This Is How We Do

  • According to a Just Dance Minute video talking about how to unlock Let Me Love You, the Fanmade routine for This is How We Do was planned to be available on both Just Dance 2016 and 2017 servers; however, for unknown reasons, it was taken out of the latter.


  • A Beta version of the background was seen in both US and UK preview gameplays. It features many additional animations and light effects than the final product. However, it is used in Just Dance Now.

What Lovers Do

  • A unused avatar for P2 can be found in the files of the Xbox 360 version of Just Dance 2019.


  • A Beta version of the background was shown in the official gameplay preview. The bubbles in the background were less animated, there were no camera effects (where it would zoom in and out of the dancer), and the wave pattern that appears behind the balloons spelling out the song title during the pre-chorus and bridge was more transparent.


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