Just Dance Wii 2 (also known as ジャストダンスWii 2) is the second game in the Japanese series and the sequel to Just Dance Wii.

This game is developed in the style of Just Dance 3, but lacks some of its features such as unlockable songs and the shop. Like in Just Dance Wii, song lyrics are highlighted light blue when a male is singing and light pink when a female is singing, or both if a male and a female are singing together. This game also includes Breakdown Mode, where the player can skip back and forth through a song in order to learn it better.

Track List

The game contains 35 music tracks.

  • A "*" indicates that the song is a cover version, not the original.
  • A (JD2) indicates that the routine was originally on Just Dance 2.
  • A (JD3) indicates that the routine was originally on Just Dance 3.
Song Artist Difficulty Effort Mode Year Dancer(s)
Independent Woman AI 2 1 Solo 2012
In Woman.png
Samishii Nettaigyo Wink 1 1 Duet 1989
Samishii cover generic.png
Rising Sun EXILE 2 3 Dance Crew 2011
Rising Sun.png
Lovers Again EXILE 3 1 Solo 2007
Loversagain cover generic.png
Maru! Maru! Mori! Mori! Kaoru to Tomoki, Tamani Mook 2 1 Duet 2011
Marumaru cover generic.png
Go Go Summer! KARA 3 2 Dance Crew 2011
GoGoSummer cover generic.png
Jet Coaster Love KARA 2 1 Duet 2011
Jetcoaster cover generic.png
PonPonPon Kyary Pamyu Pamyu 2 1 Solo 2011
Ponponpon cover generic.png
Mickey Mouse March (Family Flipbook Version) Cutie★Mummy 1 3 Solo 1988
Mickey Mouse March.png
Suirenka Shōnan no Kaze 1 3+ Solo 2007
SJDJ01 b16d0f0b 14.png
Body & Soul Speed 2 3+ Solo 1997
Body and soul.png
Joyful* Ikimono-gakari
(Takken Megumi)
2 3 Solo 2009
We Can’t Stop the Music Da Pump 2 1 Solo 1999
Wecantstop cover generic.png
Bo Peep Bo Peep T-ara 1 1 Solo 2009
BoPeep cover generic.png
Age Age Every Night DJ OZMA 1 2 Solo 2006
Age Age.png
I’m Your Man 2PM 3+ 2 Solo 2011
I'm Your ManJDWii2.png
We Can Fly Happiness 3+ 3+ Solo 2012
Yeah! Metcha Holiday Aya Matsuura 2 2 Solo 2005
Yeahholiday cover generic.png
Ride On Time MAX 2 2 Solo 1998
Ride On Time.png
POP STAR* Ken Hirai (Ms. Ooja) 2 1 Duet 2005
Pop Star.png
Girlfriend (JD2) Avril Lavigne 2 3 Duet 2006
Girlfriend jdwii2 cover generic.png
Beautiful Liar* (JD3) Beyoncé and Shakira
(Countdown Mix Masters)
3 1 Duet 2007
Beautifulliar jd3 cover generic.png
California Gurls (JD3) Katy Perry feat. Snoop Dogg 2 2 Solo 2010
CaliforniaGurls jd3 cover generic.png
TiK ToK (JD2) Ke$ha 2 1 Solo 2009
Tiktok jdgh cover generic.png
Mamasita (JD3) Daddy P, Spike T & Da Digger
(Latino Sunset)
3 2 Duet 2001
Party Rock Anthem (JD3) LMFAO feat. Lauren Bennett and GoonRock 3 2 Solo 2011
Lollipop (JD3) MIKA 2 2 Solo 2007
Promiscuous (JD3) Nelly Furtado feat. Timbaland 2 2 Duet 2005
Promiscuous jd3 cover generic.png
Only Girl (In The World) (JD3) Rihanna 2 2 Solo 2010
Only Girl (In The World).png
Spectronizer (JD3) Sentai Express 2 2 Dance Crew 2011
Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)* (JD3) C+C Music Factory feat. Freedom Williams
(Sweat Invaders)
2 3+ Solo 1990
Dynamite (JD3) Taio Cruz 1 2 Dance Crew 2010
Dynamitequat jd3 cover generic.png
Pump It (JD3) The Black Eyed Peas 3 3+ Solo 2006
Pumpit jd3 cover generic.png
Baby One More Time* (JD3) Britney Spears
(The Girly Team)
2 2 Dance Crew 1998
My Lonelyness.png
She's Got Me Dancing (JD3) Tommy Sparks 3 2 Solo 2009
She's got me.png


Removed Songs

Leek spin gif in hd by life scape-d5hshqr.gif This section may have unconfirmed "leeks". You can help by citing it!
These songs were going to be in the game, as seen in the files, but were removed for unknown reasons.

Song Artist Year Mode Menu Square
English 日本語 English 日本語
B.U.T (BE-AU-TY) TVXQ 東方神起 2011 Duet
Placeholder song.jpg
Barbra Streisand[1] (3) Duck Sauce  2010 Solo
BarbraStreisand jd3 cover generic.png
Beginner AKB48 2011 Solo
Placeholder song.jpg
Daddy Cool (2018) Boney M. 1976 Solo
Placeholder song.jpg
Flying Get (WU) フライングゲット AKB48 2011 Dance Crew
Placeholder song.jpg
Forget You[2] (3) Cee Lo Green 2010 Solo
ForgetYou jd3 cover generic.png
I'm So Excited[3] (3) Pointer Sisters 1984 Solo
Imsoexcited jd3 cover generic.png
Kataomoi Finally 片想い Finally SKE48 2012 N/A
Placeholder song.jpg
Ponytail to Shushu ポニーテールとシュシュ AKB48 2011 Duet
Placeholder song.jpg
Price Tag[4] (3) Jessie J ft. B.o.B. 2011 Solo
This is Halloween[5] (3) Danny Elfman 1993 Dance Crew
Halloweenquat jd3 cover generic.png


  • Although this game is based on Just Dance 3, some features are different:
    • There is no online store (although leftover textures can be found in the files dumped by Dolphin Emulator).
    • The Specials menu has been replaced by the Training menu.
    • One can play shorter versions or sort the songs, like in Just Dance 2 and Just Dance Wii.
  • In Breakdown Mode, it is not possible to earn points because the word "TUTORIAL" is in the star bar; however, feedback icons still appear if the player dances.
  • This is the only game to feature Difficulty and Effort ratings of 3+.
    • However, the rating would return in Just Dance 4 and Just Dance 2019 as 4 (Extreme).
  • Even though the game takes the style of Just Dance 3, the pictograms are in the style of Just Dance 4.
    • Also, the Gold Move effect takes the style of Just Dance 3 while the sound effect takes the style of Just Dance 4.
    • This was also the case for the Beta version of Just Dance 4.
  • For some unknown reasons, Daddy Cool was found in the game credits, despite it not being in the game, due to the fact that the song was only used for a French contest.
  • The game's files contain unused English translations which cannot normally be played on a Japanese Wii console that has not been modded.
    • The conditions for getting medals have not been changed, and the wording of the directions to getting some of the medals between the original English version of Just Dance 3 and the unused English translations of this game are left the same.
    • For example, one of the medals needs Boogie Wonderland to be danced to get it, but the song is not available in-game.
  • The sound effect for stars and the Hi-Score icon during the results screen are different than those from Just Dance 3.
  • During Duet and Dance Crews, a colored arrow will come up when pressing the A button to remind the player which coach they chose.[6]
  • If the player continues the song after pausing during normal gameplay, or if the player selects a section after pausing in Breakdown Mode, it will go right into the countdown starting with 4. The countdown speed depends on the song’s BPM.
    • The countdown is also used in Just Dance 4, but it starts at 3.
  • By connecting a microphone to the Wii, players can sing and dance at the same time.[7]
    • This is the first game in the entire franchise to offer this mode. The first one in the main series would be Just Dance 2014, and it would appear in every following game until Just Dance 2017.
  • This is the only game from the Japanese series to not include a song by Dream5.

Beta Elements

For a full list of Just Dance Wii 2​​’s beta elements, see Just Dance Wii 2/Beta Elements.


Game Files

In-Game Screenshots




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