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Follow the sectional order. This means that in an article, no Songs in Just Dance 2014 category should appear before a Pop Songs category, and Songs in Just Dance 2 should not come before Songs in Just Dance (video game).


Meta categories should be considered the most important categories, and should always be put first in an article.

  1. Songs
  2. Battles
  3. Games / Video Games
  4. Game Features

Game Categories

Chances are, if you are using a game category, there wouldn't be the use of any of the categories below this one in this list.


Year categories should be put right before the Genre. They should have four-digits, and not two, i.e. 2000s and not 00s. No apostrophes should be present.


Language categories should be placed right above Genre categories. Additionally, an occasional line of German doesn't make the song a "German Song", so please do not add such examples to language cats. For polylingual songs (with the exception of English), add language cats alphabetically. In the case of Hips Don’t Lie which has an official Spanish-language version that is not used in the main series, "Spanish Songs" should not be added.


As far as possible, genres should be taken from Wikipedia. This can include a song’s Wikipedia page or the page of its parent album. Other reputable music websites, such as Genius, can be used as sources.

Additionally, genres must be added in alphabetical order. For the sake of simplicity sake, Disney and Ubisoft Originals will also be taken as a member of the genre cats. However, the Genres category shall not be added to the "Disney" or "Ubisoft Originals" category pages.

Songs by Artist

Categories for "Songs by Artist" should be put right after the "Genre" category/-ies. These categories include "Songs by The Chainsmokers", "Songs by Katy Perry" etc.

Additionally, only artists which have more than 1 song in the franchise qualify. Cover artists should be listed as "Songs by [cover artist]" after "Songs by [original artist]"; for example, Flashdance... What A Feeling should have "Songs by The Girly Team" listed directly after "Songs by Irene Cara".

If an artist "A" has two songs in the series, Song 1 as a solo artist and Song 2 as part of a band "B", this does not qualify artist "A" to have an artist category. Additionally, if Song 2 is band "B"’s sole appearance in the series, both "Songs by A" and "Songs by B" will not be valid in this scenario.

"Songs by Disney" is not a thing. There is already the "Disney" category.

Production credits, e.g. "Songs by Steve Ouimette", should not be listed in song pages unless the producers are directly credited as artists in the song’s by line. Similarly, uncredited artists should be not be listed (e.g. Charli XCX in "Same Old Love") and will also not count towards the "more than 1 song" criterion.

Dance Mode / Gender

Start with the Classic routine, then move on to each alternate routine, e.g.

  • Songs
  • Solo Songs
  • Solo Males
  • Dance Crews
  • All Female Dance Crews

In the event that the gender of the coach changes, use both "Solo Females" and "Solo Males".

Difficulty / Efforts

Difficulties should always come before efforts, and any changed difficulty should be added after the first Effort.

  1. Easy Songs
  2. Medium Songs
  3. Hard Songs
  4. Calm Songs
  5. Average Songs
  6. Exhausting Songs

DLCs category

Add the DLCs category to any article of a song which appears as downloadable content in any game after DF/E (in later games, DM/G) categories.

Appearances in Games

Appearances in Games categories should be added in chronological order, and by series' influence.

  1. Songs in Just Dance (video game)
  2. Songs in Just Dance 2
  3. Songs in Just Dance: Extra Songs
  4. Songs in Just Dance: Summer Party
  5. Songs in Just Dance 3
  6. Songs in Just Dance: Greatest Hits
  7. Songs in Just Dance: Best Of
  8. Songs in Just Dance 4
  9. Songs in Just Dance 2014
  10. Songs in Just Dance 2015
  11. Songs in Just Dance 2016
  12. Songs in Just Dance 2017
  13. Songs in Just Dance 2018
  14. Songs in Just Dance 2019
  15. Songs in Just Dance 2020
  16. Songs in Just Dance 2021
  17. Songs in Just Dance 2022
  18. Songs in Just Dance Now
  19. Songs in Just Dance Unlimited
  20. Songs in Just Dance Wii
  21. Songs in Just Dance Wii 2
  22. Songs in Just Dance Wii U
  23. Songs in Yo-kai Watch Dance: Just Dance Special Edition
  24. Songs in 舞力全开2015
  25. Songs in 舞力全开:活力派
  26. Songs in 舞力全开2017
  27. Songs in 舞力全开2020
  28. Songs in Just Dance Kids
  29. Songs in Just Dance Kids 2
  30. Songs in Just Dance Kids 2014
  31. Songs in Just Dance: Disney Party
  32. Songs in Just Dance: Disney Party 2
  33. Songs in ABBA: You Can Dance
  34. Songs in Dance on Broadway
  35. Songs in Michael Jackson: The Experience
  36. Songs in The Black Eyed Peas Experience
  37. Songs in The Hip Hop Dance Experience
  38. Songs in The Smurfs Dance Party

This category should be used only if the song appears in the main tracklist for the game. For example, since Part of Me does not appear as an on-disc track in Just Dance 4 and Just Dance 2014, the categories "Songs in Just Dance 4" and "Songs in Just Dance 2014" should not be used for that song.

(game) DLC

Not to be confused with the earlier DLCs category.

  1. Just Dance 2 DLCs
  2. Just Dance 3 DLCs
  3. Just Dance 4 DLCs
  4. Just Dance 2014 DLCs
  5. Just Dance 2015 DLCs
  6. The Black Eyed Peas Experience DLCs

Alternate Routines / Mashups

Songs without alternate routines and Songs without Mash Ups are not to be added to any article.

  1. Songs with alternate routines (if any) [if the song has an alternate routine with no conventional theme (i.e. Sweat), then put this category and ignore the other alt routine categories)
  2. Songs with Extreme Routines
  3. Songs with Sweat Routines
  4. Songs with On-Stage Routines
  5. Songs with Seated Routines (this can be used for Classic routines that are also Seated routines)
  6. Songs with Puppet Master Modes
  7. Songs with Party Master Modes
  8. Songs with Battles
  9. Songs with Fanmade Routines
  10. Songs with Community Remixes
  11. Songs with Just Dance V.I.P.
  12. Songs with DLC alternates
  13. Songs with Mashups (if any)
  14. Songs with Duet Mashups / Songs with Dance Crew Mashups
  15. Songs with Sweat Mashups
  16. Songs with Monthly Mashups


Songs with avatars in (game) categories should always be put after all the other categories, and before the first miscellaneous category.

Performer Categories

ALL performer categories must be put together and in alphabetical order. However, if there is no citation proving the performers are legitimate (with the exception of songs from Just Dance) performer categories should not be added.

Choreographer categories should not be added. (For example, if Mehdi Kerkouche choreographs a routine but does not perform in that routine, do not add his category to the article for that routine.)

Miscellaneous Categories

ALL miscellaneous categories are to be put last and in alphabetical order.

Categories Which Should Not Be Added

These categories are used regularly, but should not be added by itself. Usually the following categories come with templates, which are all that is needed on the article and not a duplicate of the category.

  • Article management categories (i.e. Article stubs, Cleanup)

Media Categories

These categories are NOT to be added to mainspace articles, but instead to, and only to, Files.

  • Images (to images)
    • Showtime Squares (strictly to Showtime menu icons)
  • Videos (to videos)
  • Avatars (to normal avatars)
  • Golden Avatars (to golden avatars)
  • Diamond Avatars (to diamond avatars)
  • Teasers (to gameplay teasers)
    • US Teasers
    • UK Teasers