Just Dance Wiki

This page documents policies for the Just Dance Wiki Discord.

The Just Dance Wiki Discord is available via this link; https://discord.gg/dgUqsnZ


The server is only for Just Dance Wiki users. Users who haven't provided verification will only be able to post on #verification. They are permitted to view a select few channels, such as #rules.

Users can be verified 2 different ways. They can be manually verified by a staff member, which usually involves the staff member leaving a message on the user's wall and the user replying to it. Or the user can be verified by Wiki-Bot, which will check if a user has a linked Discord account on Fandom/Wikia.

If a Chat Mod+ is not on or responding, a Non-chat staff member can assist you by leaving you a verification message and placing you into #pending until a Chat Mod+ can certify the work.

Once verified, users on the server will have their nickname changed to their Fandom/Wikia name. If when verified a user already was using their Fandom/Wikia username, they are to be given the Nameshifter role. Chat Mods+ will routinely monitor these users for any changes.

If a user wishes to be known by an alternative name, they can request staff to alter their nickname to include an alternative name in parentheses. However, this can be done only once every 3 months.

Every week non-verified users are pruned from the Discord. This is only done to prevent a clutter of unverified accounts.

A user can be re-verified, however they are only entitled to be re-verified manually 2 times a year. Staff may choose to re-verify a user if they exceed the number. This does not apply to verifications done via Wiki-Bot.

Server-Specific Rules


  • Users under the age of 13 will be banned from the Discord until they reach 13.
    • This ban does not carry over to the Wiki.
    • Being under 13 is against both Wikia's and Discord's rules, and we give no protection from people reporting you for being under 13.
    • We enforce a ban over Discord and not Wikia due to differences in the Terms of Service for each platform.
  • Uncensored swearing is permitted on the server.
    • However, slurs are not allowed in any way.
      • This includes images posted in the #spam, #memes and  #pictures channels.


  • To listen to music, please join the music-listen channel.
  • Please only use the #music_bots channel to issue commands to Rythm.
  • Discussions relating to music should go to #music.


Moderation of the Discord server is carried out by Chat Mods, Discussion Mods, and up. Some additional support is provided by other staff.

The abilities of other ranks are limited to the following;

  • All staff can void unverified and pending users.
    • Chat Staff will properly deal with the situation as soon as possible.
  • All staff can place a user into pending until Chat Staff can fully verify them.
  • All staff can give the Nameshifter role to a user.
  • Rollbacks+ can use an emergency mute command that only mutes a user for 3 minutes.
    • When used, the command will ping all chat staff members.


Note: Staff roles inherit the previous rank's permissions and rights.

Staff Roles
Role Permissions & Rights Description
Bureaucrat All permissions Given to Bureaucrats.
Admin All permissions; except Administrator Given to Admins.
Mini-Admin All permissions except server managing permissions.
Can post in #announcements and #applications.
Given to Mini-Admins.
Discussion Mod Same as Mini-Admin.
Can post in #applications, cannot post in #announcements.
Given to Discussion Mods.
Chat Mod All those of Discussion Mod; except banning.
Can't post in #announcements nor #applications.
Given to Chat Mods.
Content Mod No additional rights. Given to Content Mods.
Rollback No additional rights. Given to Rollbacks.
Staff Void and Pend unverified users. Use the Shifter command.
Access to all Staff channels and post in #game_updates. Some additional permissions, including pinging everyone.
Given to all staff.
Non-chat Staff No additional rights. Given to Rollbacks and Content Mods.
Other Roles
Role Permissions & Rights Description
Bots No additional rights Given to bots in order to group them together.
Former Staff Access to the #staff_memes channel and #special_chat. Given to former staff members.
Fandom Ambassador No additional rights. Given to the Fandom Ambassador (Wiki Manager)
Server Booster Access to the #booster_chat channel. Given for boosting the server.
Nameshifter No additional rights. Given during verification if a user's name matches their Wikia name.
Verified Access to most normal channels. Given upon verifying your Discord and Wikia accounts.
Pending Access to the #pending channel.
View all Important channels.
Given by non-Chat staff when they verify a user.
Muted Cannot speak in any channels. Given as a punishment by staff or Dyno.
Void Access to the #void channel. Given by non-Chat staff sending you to the void for rule breaking.