Just Dance Wiki

The Just Dance Wiki allows users to upload images for usage on the wiki. However, we do have some rules. The image policy of the Just Dance Wiki is as follows.

  • Images must comply with our main rules and the Fandom terms of service.
    • Any exceptions will only be to the wiki rules for official Just Dance-related content and will be handled on a case-by-case basis. For example, if an official Ubisoft image has profanity in it, we may allow this in order to properly talk about it and how it relates to the game. We cannot allow content that violates the Fandom terms of service.
  • Images must be used appropriately. Using Just Dance-related content in inappropriate contexts may result in the images being removed from the situation or the entire situation being removed.
  • Per the terms of service, Fandom is not a file storage site. If you are uploading an image to the wiki it should be related to Just Dance and have a purpose for being here.
    • Off-topic images are allowed for use on your user page and on blogs.
      • If the usage is excessive and it appears you are making blogs or personal pages just for image storage the items may be deleted and a warning will be given if necessary.
    • Images that are not being used anywhere may be deleted after at least 24 hours.
      • This is primarily for off-topic images and images uploaded by blocked users.
      • Images may be deleted sooner if the uploader is blocked or if the images were uploaded to be used on a page that was deleted.
  • Duplicated media will be deleted. Try and use an existing image.
  • Images must follow the file naming guidelines.
    • Staff may rename images so they follow these.
  • Images uploaded after May 31, 2021, must have an applicable licensing template. You can choose the applicable one based on what kind of image it is from the drop-down list that appears when you upload an image.
  • It is strongly recommended that you also use Template:Rationale to add information regarding the source, date, and content of the image to provide additional context. This is required if the legitimacy of the image may be called into question. See this blog for more details.
    • This is primarily for teasers, promotional material, and other content taken from the web. However, it is still recommended and good practice to fill this in for every image.
    • Filling in the source is not required if you pulled the image directly from the game. Just put "direct screenshot" or "files" as the source. If you took the image yourself you can just put "own work" as the source but be sure to provide context about where and when the image was taken, if applicable.
    • Note that putting in the rationale is more easily done via Special:Upload and if the image is uploaded through Special:NewFiles it will have to be added after the fact.