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aka Formerly Sorryforpartyrocking

  • I live in Please do not ask about my personal information
  • I was born on July 14
  • My occupation is A happy contributor (OR HOW THE TOFU YOU SPELL IT) and a Student.
  • I am Male
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  • MURevamp Mambo5

    Mambo No. 5 (A Little Bit of Monika...)

    MURevamp HeyYa

    Hey Ya

    MURevamp Vem

    Vem...sorry, that title is really hard to remember only having heard it once

    MURevamp Jump


    MURevamp Song2

    Song 2

    MURevamp BuNeYaa

    Bu Ne Yaa

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  • MURevamp HotStep

    Here Comes the Hotstepper

    MURevamp Firework


    MURevamp Yalemmima

    The one I can't spell off the top of my head

    MURevamp BabyGirl

    Baby Girl

    P.S.: I think you should know that I think you're really good at what you do.  I don't have Discord, but you can always get to me via my Message Wall (even if responses are never immediate :P)
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  • Not sure if you've ever attended one of the wedding threads on coach conversations, but you are invited to Reginald and Zira's wedding thread. Links is here:

    Dicoain: I’ll make sure nothing goes wrong.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hey GTAhero, I've been watching you're mashups on your channel, and you're pretty could (I think you channel was called "the hero") I do have a few questions though.

    1. How did you mask the dancers? I use Movie Studio Platinum 15 or 16. You probably use a different editor than me, but in case you don't I'd kinda like to know how to mask. I seemingly found a tutorial but that ones in Spanish.

    2. How did you find good Make the Party (Don't Stop) extractions? I can understand you got the sliding and the arm circles since they appeared in mashups, but what about the move where the dancer lifts his arms? That never appeared in mashups and all extractions for the dancer have the rabbid and video intact.

    So yeah, that's all the questions I really have. Your mashups are really good! Keep up the good work!

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    • 1. I used Vegas Pro, there is a tutorial out there on YouTube which shows on how to Mask JD Extractions, but I can explain you how. You put in a Mask Extraction, and make duplicates for one track where a clip goes, while the duplicate goes to the track above. Then you right click both tracks, and then click on "Disable Resample", that way it looks good, after that, you go on Pan/Crop, (Make sure that you have "Maintain Aspect Ratio" disabled), then after you go on Pan/Crop of said clip, you resize the clip so that it covers the entire screen. Make sure that the clip above has the Mask (The black background with the dancer's white silhouette) cover the entire screen, and then as for the clip below, make sure that the opposite is done, basically have the coach and the colored screen cover the entire screen. As soon as both progresses are done. Then you go at the Track where the Mask covers the entire screen, and click "Compositing Mode" for the track with the Mask, you'll see that it's settings is "Source Alpha", make sure to change it to "Multiply (Mask)". And the Track below, which has the coach, click on the arrow pointing above that's shown in the track with the Masks which says "Make Compositing Child". After that, click on the "Video Event FX". Then select "Mask Generator", as soon as you did that, scale up Low In for a SHORT amount, and scale down High In for a SHORT amount.

      2. As for Make The Party (Don't Stop), one was indeed from a Mash-Up. But the arm twist and the arm lifting were basically done by me, as the coach's body part wont blend in with the black squares. I put black squares to cover up the Rabbid and the Screen, and then rendered it.

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    • Ok, thanks! I managed to find a mask extraction (the mask didn't get squeezed down either!) for the Disco ball head dancer so I plan on using him for my Baby Don't Stop Mashup! Thanks for the help!

      Dicoain: Finally! I’m gonna get in fan mashups!

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • MURevamp Katti

    Katti Kalandal

    MURevamp AllStar

    All Star

    MURevamp Crazyinlove

    Crazy in Love

    MURevamp Rasputin


    MURevamp JerkItOut

    Jerk It Out

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  • Sorry this took so long, I was doing other stuff in addition to this
    MURevamp Zineb
    .  I think you can tell which is which.
    MURevamp MoveYourFeet
    MURevamp BrukOffBack
    MURevamp JaiHo

    I had fun with this one

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  • Please do not add fanmade content to the comment section of main articles.

    As opposed to every other case I've stumbled across so far, I just edited your comment to remove the fanmade picture instead of deleting the entire comment, since the artwork was not your main topic in that case, but I still suggest you not to do it again.

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  • Hello! Please state your Discord account name, including the last four numbers of the account so we can verify that it’s actually you who joined the server! If you do not verify within 7 days of joining the server, the account we believe to be yours will be kicked.

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  • Just Dance 2018 is becoming downhill.

    In fact, I want this pack in JD Unlimited

    - Stupid Songs Pack, which features these stupid songs: One Dance by Drake, Symphony by Zara Larsson and Clean Bandit, Heathens by 21 Pilots, Closer by The Chainsmokers.

    Oh wait, maybe because it's stupid, they might not get added, the end.

    Thanks for triggering me for "21 Pilots", and also adding Heathens in there.

    I really do appreciate that.

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  • Goldber
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