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  • The song has been released so can I add the square

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  • sad tbh

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  • You have been blocked for repeatedly removing content from pages without an adequate explanation and removing all of your previous warning messages.

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    • hai everyone this is my final message here bc yall are assholes so basically im deleting this acc to not get on yall's nerves and make this an actual family friendly dumb thing bc yes peace <3

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    • JustDavis wrote: i haven't gotten any warnings before butok

      Yes, you have.

      JustDavis wrote: and b it's not my f-cking fault he converted no huds to mp3s and called them "official audios".

      At least one of those was a reupload of Lodwicke’s old video and not a no HUD-to-mp3. And even then, that’s what in-game audio is. The audio of a no HUD. If the no HUD is just video and audio extracted from the files, and he’s just posting the audio portion, it’s in-game audio. And if you wanted to make an issue of it, you should have asked someone in charge if the vids were allowed instead of removing them with a rude summary that offers no explanation as to a removal (e.g., “clown”) and trying to start an edit war.

      JustDavis wrote: whatever your dumb policy is biased

      What policy? And how is it biased towards anyone? If anything I have been biased in your favor only waiting until now to do anything when this rude behavior has been going on for a while. The majority of your contributions were constructive and the good outweighed the bad, which is why your block is only for a month. I was trying to be lenient here because I remember a time when your edits were useful. I don’t want to come off as permanently forcing anyone out of the community, especially someone who was a constructive part of it at one point. But this time you took it too far. And calling us “a**holes” is kind of also a rule violation in addition to being rude. Again, you were blocked for one month. That’s it. So you can wait it out and come back and contribute constructively, you can just not come back, or you can delete your account and come back with a new one after the ban on this one expires, or you can just not come back at all. That decision is yours to make.

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    • A FANDOM user
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