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Pikachu me sorprende
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  • Where did you get those cursed images? Can I borrow them because I want one for one of my own personal games

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  • Una duda que tengo desde que lo leí en Stupid Questions V.

    ¿Tienes Wattpad?

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  • What's the coding for condensing your page into squares like you did with your "Favorite Songs" template?

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  • OMFG I didn't know not liking some type of music means xenophobia, obviously, everything has exceptions, and those LatAm songs that are not like

    "hey bro, u look that girl over there? just because she's woman means she's a slut, I'm gonna f*ck her like you have no idea"

    Are GOLD (Soy Yo is one of them)

    So, I'm not giving my opinion on music anymore, jeez, I can't believe you get more triggered at someone who doesn't like some type of music than a f***ing homophobic person

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    Drama{{'}}s over
    14:45, December 1, 2019
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    • Xxdenmexx wrote:
      Master Hydraffe wrote:
      (a) i mean multi-tasking is a thing, people can be triggered by multiple things

      (b) i do agree the cancel culture on this wiki is kind of strong, but honestly your opinion was really, as you said, poorly and problematically phrased

      (c) i did misspeak when i used the word "xenophobic", however it does not change the fact that your opinion was stereotyping the music of different regions and that is incredibly problematic, you're basically saying that certain cultures should hold their music to a higher standard which is like... it's perfectly fine to not like "trashy" or "slutty" songs but you didn't need to bring cultures into this.

      (d) there was no "misunderstanding" on our part, we could only interpret what you wrote. your original post was not incredibly problematic, but the follow-up you made was really what set me off because you introduced a misogynistic element to your already culturally charged point; you said that latin american cultures objectify/sexualise women with the implication that american/european music don't (which is so false) with the implication that latin american cultures are worse off for doing that. i mean maybe you think that about your own culture, and that's possibly valid, but the way you phrased the entire thing was just problematic af

      I just talked about how LatAm music sexualise women, not their entire cultures, some LatAm countries have beautiful cultures (Countries like Costa Rica, Peru, or even Nicaragua) and I also didn't say European/American music didn't do that because they also do (Like I said, everything has exceptions) I just said the next thing:

      "I feel like Europe (and in some level, USA) is "superior" to Latin america in terms of music, that's all"

      What I was trying to say is that English music (Except trap) wasn't that dirty in terms of lyrics, I wasn't trying to say LatAm is sh*t in every way

      You have to understand that your statements come with implications.

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    • Master Hydraffe wrote:You have to understand that your statements come with implications.

      Yes, but I can't do anything against it, I guess it is because I don't know how to talk English properly, so I don't know how to express in a way I don't offend someone

      In conclusion, I'm not xenophobic, I just expressed without knowing what I was saying

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  • I'm quiting this wikia bois, y? I'm not that active anymore

    I think I'll be back, at least when JD2020 gets confirmed

    I enjoyed copying and talking about hot coaches with you guys, see ya and remember:


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  • Feliz Cumpleaños we

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  • Happy birthday Xxdenmexx!

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  • Seeing as you did this in the previous edition of AOTM as well, I would like to remind you to read the rules for AOTM -- each user is entitled to two nominations, not three. If you nominate three different articles, all of your nominations will be ignored.

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