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Mojo was first introduced in Just Dance 3, and has been featured in every game since then.

Just Dance 3

Mojo made its first appearance here, and you can unlock alternates depending on how many stars you get. Those can be Mashups, Alternates or new songs. The first thing you will unlock is Simon Says Mode (Jamaican Dance Mashup on XBOX 360). The last unlockable routine is Hungarian Dance No. 5 (I Don’t Feel Like Dancin’ Mashup on Xbox 360).

Just Dance 4

Just Dance 4 pretty much worked in the same way as Just Dance 3, but there are more alternates. You will see a horizontal yellow bar in the right bottom corner that says "Mojo". Here, you can earn more Mojo by accomplishing Dance Quests. There are also alternates with items, and unlockable avatars. You need to fill the bar to win a surprise. Three randomly chosen songs give you double the mojo each time you play. 100 Mojo points were given per star, with 200 points given on 2x Mojo songs.

Just Dance 2014

Mojo started to work out differently here. Instead of Mojo, there are Mojocoins, that can be used to unlock alternate routines in the game. A Mashup/Party Master Mode usually costs 5 Mojocoins, an Sweat/On Stage usually costs 10 Mojocoins, an Extreme usually costs 25 Mojocoins, and a special routine usually costs 50 Mojocoins. Another innovation is that you can unlock it any time. Past Just Dance avatars cost 5 Mojocoins, Ubisoft game ones costed 50 Mojocoins, while the Unknown Disco Ball dancer cost 500 Mojocoins. There are also Sweat routines, Extremes, and other alternates. Also, when you get DLC, you will get 1-2 exclusive avatars. Timber, Die Young, and Can't Hold Us, have two exclusive avatars.

Some songs can have a Mojocoins bonus, which gives 2 extra Mojocoins after playing it. The Mojocoins bonus occurs also when you are placed 1st in World Dancefloor or you beat the other team in a themed battle. Sometimes, there is an "Happy Hour" on World Dancefloor in which you can get 2 extra Mojocoins at every song.

Just Dance Wii U

Mojo worked similar to Just Dance 2014 with a few changes. They say "JD" instead of "M" and they can only be used to purchase avatars.

Just Dance 2015

Mojo worked similarly in Just Dance 2015 as in Just Dance 2014. However, alternate routines were not unlocked with Mojo and instead were unlocked by simply playing the game.

Mashups and Avatars can be bought for varying prices. Each Mashup costs 20 Mojocoins and the price for Avatars ranged from 5 to 50 Mojocoins.

Just Dance Now

Mojo was introduced in the October 22nd update and is obtained by leveling up in songs or by buying them with real money. Mojo could be used to purchase songs (excluding JD2016 and most new releases) enabling you to play the songs as many times as you want. Songs would cost 150 coins (100 toward the end of the old version). However, with the update to version 2.0.4, 100 Mojocoins are spent for every time a non-free song is played.

Just Dance 2016

In Just Dance 2016, the value of Mojo has been inflated. One star would now bring in 100 Mojocoins instead of just one. The price for purchasable items has increased accordingly. Each Mashup costs 1,000 Mojocoins, a normal alternate routine costs 2,000 Mojocoins, and an Extreme routine costs 10,000.

However, on seventh-generation consoles (Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii), the value of Mojo remains unchanged.

Yo-kai Watch Dance: Just Dance Special Version

Mojo can be used to purchase avatars from the Gashapon machine.

Just Dance 2017

Mojo works the same as in Just Dance 2016, with a few changes. Achieving Superstar on a song awards the player 6 and 600 Mojocoins on 7th-Gen and 8th-Gen consoles respectively.

Just Dance 2018

In Just Dance 2018, Mojo works in a similar way to Yo-Kai Watch Dance: Just Dance Special Edition. Mojo can be used to unlock a variety of items through a new Gift Machine. Each use of the Machine consumes 100 Mojocoins, and can be used to obtain avatars, skins, or even new tracks.

Just Dance 2019

Mojo works in the same way as in Just Dance 2018. However, Extreme routines must be unlocked by achieving Superstar or higher on their corresponding song.

Just Dance 2020

Mojo works just like the last two games, with Skins and Titles now locked behind the Gift Machine.




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