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Mugsy Baloney

Mugsy Baloney by Charleston

The song was introduced in Just Dance 2, It is one of the instrumental only songs featured .Mugsy Baloney was later downloadable for Just Dance 3.


Difficulty Effort Year Mode
3 2 1924 Duet

Gold Moves


One of the 5 Gold Moves

Gold Moves

This is one of the only songs in Just Dance that consists of mo re than 3 Gold Moves.2 Gold moves are put side by side and others are alone at some parts.


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Just Dance 3


Just Dance 2

  • At the start (Xbox Version only) there is a spotlight moving.
  • The floor reflection on Just Dance 3 is darker than Just Dance 2.
  • In Just Dance 3 there is a little more details especially on the left and right edges.
  • In Just Dance 3 the place has more light while in Just Dance 2 the place is a bit dark.


  • This is one of the Charleston songs that involves no singing
  • Characters fade in and out at begginning and ending.
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