This is a list of PAL region exclusives tracks in the Just Dance series. The PAL region generally covers the continents of Europe and Australia and several Asian countries.

Just Dance 3 PAL Exclusives

Just Dance 4 PAL Exclusives

Just Dance 2014 PAL Exclusives

Just Dance 2015 PAL Exclusives

Just Dance 2016 PAL Exclusives


  • The only PAL track to date that has been downloadable for the NTSC region is Papaoutai. However, Danse, Cercavo Amore, Diggin' in the Dirt and Satellite are on Just Dance Now and Just Dance Unlimited.
    • In addition, on the Xbox 360 version of Just Dance 3, as Marcia Baila and Satellite are unlockable tracks in the files of both regions' discs that are unlocked automatically when the game detects that it is being played on a PAL or NTSC-J console, as shown by the exclamation mark on the song list when it has yet to be played, and due to the fact that unlockable content is stored on the gamer profile in this game, it is possible to play both of these songs on an NTSC-U Xbox 360 by transferring a profile played on a PAL or NTSC-J Xbox 360 to an NTSC-U one.[1]


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