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"Party Master Mode" is a feature on Just Dance 4 (as "Puppet Master Mode", exclusively on the Nintendo Wii U), Just Dance 2014, Just Dance 2015, and Just Dance 2016. In Just Dance 2014, the feature became available for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One (via Xbox Smartglass App on iOS and Android), but in Just Dance 2015 and Just Dance 2016, it appears exclusively for the Wii U again.

The Xbox 360 Smartglass App was discontinued on May 18, 2018, removing the ability to play this mode on the Xbox 360.[1]

How it works

Puppet Master Mode: There is a person (the "Puppet Master") that holds the GamePad in their hand while the others dance. On the GamePad screen, four dance moves, one for each Just Dance game up to Just Dance 4 and each represented by its own caption, are presented and the Puppet Master has to choose one in a short, fixed amount of time for the dancers to perform. Occasionally, there is an icon that says “Strike The Pose”, and, if the holder chooses it, a still of a coach appears on the screen; the dancer that the Puppet Master thinks performed the pose most accurately is awarded 1000 extra points. Like in Mashups for this game, Gold Moves are removed.

Party Master Mode: The basic mechanics remain the same, but now there is no longer one caption per Just Dance game, the dancers are not listed in the order of appearance from their respective game, and the “Strike The Pose” feature has been removed. It is also possible to switch songs at certain times. Unlike Just Dance 4, Gold Moves are featured.

Puppet/Party Master Modes

Just Dance 4

There are 17 songs with Puppet Master Modes on Just Dance 4.

Just Dance 2014

There are 10 songs with Party Master Modes on Just Dance 2014.

Just Dance 2015

There are 5 songs with Party Master Modes on Just Dance 2015.

Just Dance 2016

There are 5 songs with Party Master Modes on Just Dance 2016.

Unreleased Puppet/Party Master Modes

These are the songs that were planned to have a Puppet/Party Master Mode but got removed for unknown reasons.



  • What Makes You Beautiful and Born This Way’s Puppet/Party Master Modes are the only one that use their Alternate coach as the main dancer.
  • Captions will sometimes change during production and in later games.
  • In all Puppet Master Modes of Just Dance 4, the original coach, all four choices, all four previews of the next coaches, and all their masks are rendered into one large video in the game files and each coach is cropped accordingly to a square aspect ratio. Because of this, coaches who move from side to side of the screen are edited in order to make them forcefully stay in the middle, and shadows and limbs may sometimes exceed the limit and be cropped. Subsequent games have each coach as their own video.
  • Starting with Just Dance 2014, most Party Master Modes repeat the same caption choices for verses and choruses. The only ones that do not repeat any sets of captions are Birthday and Maps.
  • In Just Dance 2015, when a song switch happens, the last line of the previous song is merged with the first line of the following one through a series of > signs; in Just Dance 2016, instead, the two lines are simply cut and separated (for example, when the game switches to Born This Way’s chorus, the first line simply reads "ful in my way").

Just Dance 4

  • The "Strike A Pose" icon features a silhouette of P1 from Hot Stuff.
  • In Just Dance 4, the outline of every coach is already rendered in-game, resulting in their masks to be simple white outlines. The only exception is Mr. Saxobeat, where the glows lack their typical faded effect.
  • In Just Dance 4, it is possible to exceed the maximum score (13333 points) by gaining points through Strike The Pose.
  • The following graphical differences can be seen between the early version of Puppet Master Mode and the final one.[2]
    • Coaches were not reflected in the background.
    • The element that warned players about the next move consisted of a fuchsia rectangle with a curve on the left side, where "Next move" appeared while zooming in before displaying the caption. "Next move" and the caption appeared alternatively (first the former, then the latter, then the former again and so on).
    • When no captions were selected more than once, the animation used for selected coaches was applied to the original one.
    • "Strike The Pose" coaches appeared in front of a black rectangle with a white outline, round corners, a pulsing star and a golden glow, while "STRIKE THE POSE" was shown on the bottom left on a yellow star with ten points. No additional sound effects played to cover the music up, and the screen did not darken.
    • When a pose from "Strike The Pose" was performed correctly, the triggered animation was in shades of yellow and read "BEST POSE (player’s name)" instead of "GREAT POSE (player’s name)".

Just Dance 2014

Just Dance 2015

  • Although Party Master Mode is not available on the Xbox 360 and Xbox One versions of Just Dance 2015, files for the mode are still on the disc for the songs.[3]
    • This means that Party Master Mode was likely intended to return on the Xbox consoles.

Just Dance 2016

  • In Born This Way’s Party Master Mode, choosing All About That Bass for the song switch may cause the game to remove all characters and stay idle. The only way to fix this would be to press pause and restart the song.
  • Leftover tutorial pictures for the Just Dance 2016 version of Party Master Mode can be found in the Just Dance 2019 tutorial files, in spite of that game not featuring this game mode.[4]




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