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This page is for all the playlists on Just Dance Now.


  • "(C)" indicates this playlist is constantly updated.
  • "(T)" indicates this playlist only existed for a short period of time.
  • "(TW)" indicates this playlist has been added twice.

Pre-August 2020

Recommended For You (C)

Gimme, Gimme, Gimme, ABBA

Passport In A Playlist (C)

Easy Peasy Party (C)

Your First Song

  • This playlist only appears if the app was just installed.
    • Despite this, it can show up on PC if the user scrolls down past the last song list.

Fitness (C)

Latin Corner (C)

Hall Of Fame (C)

Extreme (C)

Kids Corner (C)

All Songs A-E (C)

All Songs F-J (C)

All Songs K-R (C)

All Songs S-Z (C)

Ready Player Dance (T)

Outer World (T)

Galactic Groove! (T)

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Deep Sea Dancin' (T)

Bloom Boom! (T)

Come Together! (T)

With Great Power... (T)

K-Pop Till You Drop! (T)

Global Groove List! (T)

Dancing For Gaia! (T)

The Fit List! (TW)

Just Dance From Home! (T)

Just Dancers...Assemble! (T)