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This article is dedicated to songs that have either "Just Dance" or "JD" in the background.

Main Series

Just Dance

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Just Dance 2

  • D.A.N.C.E.: The words "Just" and "Dance" appear in the background.
  • When I Grow Up (Contest): The logo can be seen in each of the routines’ backgrounds.

Just Dance 3

Just Dance 4

  • Call Me Maybe: It's featured on an app, same with the alternate. The logo also apears in a magazine and JD on a keychain baseball cap.
  • Part Of Me: The logo can be seen on a sign in the menu background.

Just Dance 2014

  • Just A Gigolo: At the beginning, the title of the song in red text appears with "Just Dance presents..." on the top.
  • Love Boat: The initials can be seen on the piano.

Just Dance 2015

  • We Can’t Stop: The necklaces of the bulldog-like statues have "JD" carved on them.

Just Dance 2016

  • Chiwawa: It appears on the right lens of the sunglasses that the chihuahua wears.
  • Kaboom Pow: The logo can be seen on a comic book cover, while the Just Dance 2020 sticker has the initials. 

Just Dance 2017

  • Don't Let Me Down: Just Dance 2017 banner is visible on one of the walls throughout the song. 
  • Don't Worry: It can be seen with Cake By The Ocean and Dragostea Din Tei.

Just Dance 2018

  • Chantaje (Subway Version): It can be seen on an ad.
  • New Face: After the song, a message comes on that says "From the JUST DANCE team with love"

Just Dance 2019

  • Familiar: There is a car in the background that has license plates that say “JD-2019”.
  • Jump: At the end of the song a smiley face appears with “JD” on it’s eyes and there is a QR code in the routine before the chorus that decodes to "just dance"
  • Obsesión: A map can been seen with the words, "Just Dance Bus Stop" on top
  • Water Me: At the end of the song, the coach is standing on a podium that reads "Just Dance Champion".
  • Water Me (Tennis Version): It can be seen at the bottom along with the Ubisoft logo.

Just Dance 2020

Just Dance 2021

Japanese series

Just Dance Wii

Just Dance Wii 2

  • Joyful: The board sometimes says "ジャストダンス" (which translates to "Just Dance")

Just Dance Wii U

Chinese series


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