An easy shortcut to cite the choreographer for Just Dance Kids 2, Just Dance, Just Dance: Disney Party, and Just Dance: Disney Party 2.

|d1 = Just Dance Disney Party = <ref>https://youtu.be/14MdZvJ7Yi8?t=6m53s ([[:File:ChantalRobson_jddp_proof.png|Archive]])</ref>
|d2 = Just Dance Disney Party 2 = <ref>https://youtu.be/XvYjO0ls51A?t=7m25s ([[:File:ChantalRobson_jddp2_proof.png|Archive]])</ref>
|k2 = Just Dance Kids 2 = <ref>https://youtu.be/dXYE1b8HSLM?t=3m59s ([[:File:ChantalRobson_jdk2_proof.png|Archive]])</ref>
|k2014 = Just Dance Kids 2014 = <ref>https://youtu.be/eB6lAi_pveM?t=416 ([[:File:ChantalRobson_jdk2014_proof.png|Archive]])</ref>
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