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This template be used for the following

  • Articles with any missing sections (excluding Gallery, Videos, and Trivia [the {{StubSection}} template should be used for Trivia.)
  • Articles with multiple incomplete sections. Dancer, Background and Gold Move sections should all have enough lines of information to satisfy the necessary descriptions. Simply using the following examples do not make a section "complete". (If there is only one incomplete section, use the {{StubSection}} template.)
    • "The dancer is a representation of Elsa." Instead, the entire description of the dancer should be provided, i.e. her wardrobe, her hairstyle etc..
    • "The routine takes place in the usual Extreme background." The entire background should be described without going too in-depth. Discussing the color is definitely a good way to start.
    • "This Gold Move is done the same way as Gold Move 1, but while squatting." Instead, copy the entire description of Gold Move 1 and edit accordingly.
    • "P1, P3, and P4 all look the same with the following features..." It is perfectly fine to copy and paste each dancer's description and edit accordingly, if applicable. This means that there can be multiple "The dancer, a woman, has her brunette hair tied up in a ponytail. She is in a pink glittery, frilly blouse. She is also wearing a straw hat and a teal bra." Of course, try to edit the points such that the descriptions are not completely identical.
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