This article is about Teen Beach 2's song. You may be looking for Katy Perry's song with a similar name.

"That’s How We Do" by Ross Lynch, Maia Mitchell, Garrett Clayton, Grace Phipps, John DeLuca, and Jordan Fisher, from Teen Beach 2 is featured on Just Dance: Disney Party 2.

Appearance of the Dancers


C1 is a woman who resembles Lela. Her dark hair is mainl hoose, but is secured with a white flower clip. She wears a white blouse with two black V stripes. Over that, she wears a red leather jacket, which is unzipped. She has on a black knee-length skirt, as well as black boots.


C2 is a woman who resembles Mack. Her dark hair is tied into two pigtains. She is wearing a red knee-length dress. Over that is a black leather jacket, which is open. She sports white sneakers.


C3 briefly switches to a man who resembles Tanner at certain points. Unlike Tanner, is hair is blond around the sides. He is wearing a white tank top under a red jacket, which is open. He also wears blue board shorts with white palm tree patterns on it, as well as white sneakers.


In the verses and the first part of the bridge, the background takes place at a beach in the daytime, with three huts in the middle and surfboards on the sides of the huts. Behind the huts is a wooden fence with lots of palm trees behind everything else.

In the choruses, the beach is actually on a movie screen playing a "movie" called Wet Side Story. This takes place at night. The location of the screen appears to be the same place the beach was, due to the same fence and surfboards (now in different colors ranging from the colors of the rainbow) still behind the dancers. However, the dancers are now in a glass dome containing two wooden benches that the backup dancers stand on either side of the main dancer, and a red wooden bench and beach ball at the bottom right corner. When the song ends, the screen changes to a picture of the moon and the camera pans upward to the sky.

Gold Moves

There is 1 Gold Move in this routine:

Gold Move: Raise your arms while backing up.



  • There are multiple lyrical errors in the song:
    • “Moving and a grooving everything is new And” is misinterpreted as “Moving and a grooving everything is new when”.
    • "I'm gonna show you how we do" is misintepreted as "Let me show ya how we do"
    • "Bubble bubble bubble-a, popple popple popple-a Sparkle sparkle rattly-doo" is misintepreted as "Bubba bubba bubble up, poppa poppa poppa la, sparka sparka rattley do"
    • "Fizzle fizzle fizzle-a, whizzle whizzle whizzle-a" is misinterpreted as "Fizz-a fizz-a fizz-a la whizz-a wizz-a wizz-a la"
    • "Rocking then we're ready to go" is misinterpreted as "Rockin' and we're ready to go"
  • The game uses a shortened version of the song that removes part of the instrumental in the break, the final pre-chorus, and most of the final chorus.
    • It also changes some of the singers in certain parts of the song
      • The line "Do the jelly belly" is sung by someone other than Seacat.
      • The line "And the wiggle worm" is sung by someone other than Struts.
      • The duets between Tanner/Brady and Leila/Mack were edited to only feature Brady and Mack.


  • The coach selection screen depicts C1 with dark see-through tights. However, in the routine, the tights are absent.


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