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The Smurfs Dance Party is a video game developed by Land Ho! and published by Ubisoft that was released for the Wii, coinciding with the release of the The Smurfs movie.


Dance with friends to chart-topping singles! Dance with the movie's legendary characters and heroes: Papa Smurf, Smurfette, Clumsy Smurf and more! Real moves: iconic, easy to follow dance moves choreographed by real experts in different styles of music! All new modes and songs: party to hours of fun multi-player modes for kids and parents!

Gameplay consists of moving the Wii Remote in sync with the dancer's arm movements, similar in style to Ubisoft's Just Dance game series. Points are scored according to how well your moves are in sync with the dancers.


The tracklist consists of 24 songs.

  • An asterisk (*) indicates this song is covered in-game.
  • Parentheses () indicate the cover artist(s).
Song Artist Difficulty Effort Year Mode Character(s) Icon(s)
A Year Without Rain* Selena Gomez & the Scene (Gigi Abraham) 3 2 2010 Duet Smurfette/Clumsy
AYear cover generic
Barbra Streisand* Duck Sauce (Tom Zehnder) 1 2 2010 Solo Papa
Barbrastreisand tsdp cover generic
Blame It on the Boogie* Mick Jackson (In the style of The Jacksons) 2 2 1978 Solo Gargamel
Tex1 256x256 8d25b5435432ae80 14
Boom Shack-A-Lak* Apache Indian (Justin Bowler) 1 2 1993 Solo Grouchy
Tex1 256x256 2452dd3efbf1ad15 14
Everybody Up Smurfette 1 2 2011 Solo Smurfette
Tex1 256x256 9197a9688e0378ee 14
Gargamel Gargamel 1 1 1981 Solo Gargamel
Gargamel cover generic
Go Go Go Get It Drew Ryan Scott 1 3 2011 Trio Gutsy/Papa/Brainy
Tex1 256x256 a9378c546e09d733 14
Higher* Taio Cruz featuring Kylie Minogue (Drew Ryan Scott and David Lee Brandt) 3 3 2011 Solo Gutsy
Tex1 256x256 df22aceb361cc8ae 14
I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me)* Whitney Houston (Patricia Krebs) 2 2 1987 Trio Clumsy/Smurfette/Grouchy
Tex1 256x256 6df2601ddb90d33d 14
Just the Way You Are* Bruno Mars (Drew Ryan Scott) 1 1 2010 Solo Brainy
Tex1 256x256 9d78d3d66561e9e2 14
Living Color Gigi Abraham 2 3 2011 Trio Gusty/Grouchy/Brainy
Tex1 256x256 67af84285a62445c 14
Like Whoa* Aly and AJ (Gigi Abraham) 1 2 2007 Duet Smurfette/Brainy
Tex1 256x256 66d956a624e81f29 14
More Than a Name Drew Ryan Scott 1 1 2011 Solo Clumsy
Morethananame cover generic
Mr. Smurftastic Justin T. Bowler 1 1 2011 Duet Clumsy/Grouchy
Tex1 256x256 cad70e5bc592483f 14
One of the Boys Katy Perry 2 3 2008 Solo Smurfette
Tex1 256x256 03798eff277db164 14
Smurfs (Main Title) The Smurfs 1 1 1981 Trio Smurfette/Papa/Clumsy
Tex1 256x256 9431361e723402c9 14
Smurf This Way Drew Ryan Scott and Tom Zehnder 3 3 1975 Duet Grouchy/Brainy
Tex1 256x256 203ab5fe60abb551 14
Smurfberry-licious Tom Zehnder 2 2 2011 Trio Gutsy/Clumsy/Smurfette
Tex1 256x256 a04c891d24981f57 14
The Noisy Smurf Walmes Steeges 2 2 2011 Trio Grouchy/Smurfette/Clumsy
Tex1 256x256 71b82e13fe5dd2f3 14
Very Blue Moon Tom Zehnder 3 3 2011 Trio Papa/Brainy/Clumsy
Tex1 256x256 05ecca22a701058e 14
We Have Us Drew Ryan Scott, Lily Howard, and Tom Zehnder 1 1 2011 Trio Gutsy/Papa/Brainy
Tex1 256x256 815fb40229b23e2d 14
We Like to Smurf It* Reel 2 Real feat. The Mad Stuntman (Justin Bowler) 2 3 1993 Trio Papa/Gutsy/Clumsy
Tex1 256x256 726c619fb8cb7d63 14
Welcome to NY Mike Eagle and Tom Zehnder 2 2 2011 Duet Clumsy/Grouchy
Tex1 256x256 0c42009bbc907978 14
Who Let the Smurfs Out?* Baha Men (Tom Zehnder and Brian Ibarra) 2 3 2000 Solo Gargamel
Tex1 256x256 c2120a59a11cd743 14
Walking on Sunshine* Katrina and the Waves (Unknown artist) 2 2 1985 Duet Smurfette/Papa


ESRB Rating

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Platforms: Wii

Content descriptors: Mild Lyrics

Other: No Interactive Elements

Rating Summary: This is a rhythm-and-dance simulation game based on the animated movie The Smurfs. Players follow on-screen cues to perform dance moves and score points. Some songs are based on contemporary hits, and contain lines that are mostly comical in context (e.g., “An' I Smurfed her just a little kiss,” “I was a Smurf-school loser/Never made it with a lady,” and “Her laugh, her laugh/She hates but I think it's so sexy”)

PEGI Rating

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Platforms: Wii


  • This is the first game in the spinoff-series to have trios. Just Dance 2014 was their first use in the main series.
  • This game uses 3D animated models as coaches, rather than using pre-recorded video for coaches, as had been done before in previous games.
  • This game uses chapters.
  • All backgrounds are also shots from The Smurfs movie.
  • This game has anti piracy measures. If the game detects the player is using an IOS other than the one that is utilized by the game, it will display the words "MetaFortress RESPONSE!" and then freeze.[2]
  • The files for this game have a lot of Just Dance Kids leftovers.

Beta Elements

For a full list of The Smurfs Dance Party’s Beta elements, see The Smurfs Dance Party/Beta Elements.


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