• Hey, I want to Share my Discovery of this... This is a Review from the Website NintendoLife about Just Dance 2019... This is His Review on the Nintendo Switch Version (but also applies too on other consoles).​​​​

    And this is his Verdict:

    "Just Dance 2019 is a sleek entry to the franchise that does exactly what it says on the tin – and not much more. There aren’t any fancy modes to speak of and you won’t have access to a lot of songs unless you pay up for a subscription, but the gameplay itself is just as precise and enjoyable as it always has been. Little touches like having the Joy-Con’s HD Rumble pulsate to the beat make the Switch version particularly appetising, but we’re left feeling ever-so-slightly mixed on the overall package and we did notice the occasional performance hiccup. If you’re happy to pay the subscription and want to rather literally just dance, treating yourself to the series’ newest instalment provides you with the largest selection of tracks the series has ever offered and would be a good investment. Of course, if these things don’t apply to you, it’s considerably harder to here to recommend the upgrade from last year’s entry." 

    Rating: Good 7/10

    If you want to Read more about it, check it here

    What do you think?

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    • Sounds okay, I guess.

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