• You have been given a warning for violating rule 1. Continuing to break rules may result in being blocked.

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    • I didn’t start it. It’s like whenever I want to stop a fight, I get a warning.

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    • You started the fight. The only thing Slayer did was call you Davis, you're the one that fought.

      Also, please remove the "Honorable Mentions" section from you user page before you are given another warning.

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    • If standing up for myself counts as “attacking,” I might as well leave this Wiki, because that’s just dumb.

      And you might as well block me, because I’m not removing the Honorable Mentions.

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    • Standing up? That's fine. Saying "listen here b**ch", that's an attack. Saying "This b**ch that really wants to f**king get blocked", that's an attack.

      Also, I was not giving you a choice about removing it. I was giving you a choice between you removing it or me removing it.

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    • A FANDOM user
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