Hi! I'm Kyais. I have a lot of my favorite Just Dance songs and tv shows, etc

I love to dance! And stuff like that I also create pottery. ( not actual real pottery) I'm very very

happy. I mean there is stuff that gets on my nerves but eh. I'm very caring and fun. I really don't know how to

edit. I mean I do but I really don't know what to put in but I still know how to edit. I am really hoping to be

on a contest and really like to play games. These are some things about me!✌🏿️Peace✌🏿️❤️ P.S

I am part of the We Want Man Down army. P.S.S I'm not part of it but I want to be.

A Manga Version of myself!

My favorite JD Songs!

  • Better When I'm Dancing
  • Ivean Polka
  • No Control
  • Funhouse
  • When I Grow Up
  • Jump (For My Love)
  • Barbra Streisand
  • Were Have You Been
  • Ninja Re Banng Bang
  • Mite Mite Kochich==#WeWantRespect==

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