I'm a 15 years old boy from Spain , Europe , my name is Jose. If i can help you with something , let me know on my message wall. You can know more about me over here: Facts 

By the way , you should know that my whole profile is inspired by ElizabetaHedervaryy and XXCastAwayXx, you should check thier profile!


I love music. Im (Literally) listening music all day, Spotify is my best friend. Talking about music , my favourites singers are Ariana Grande and Melanie Martines. I also like others , like Lana Del Rey , Demi Lovato , Nicki Minaj , Rihanna  , Britney Spears , Lady Gaga and Sia. My favourites musical genders are Pop , Alternative and EDM , And my favourite album ever are either Dangerous Woman , Cry Baby or Honeymoon.

I'm also into reading books. My favourite writter is defitnely Jonh Green , but i like a lot Suzanne Collins. My favourite book is Looking For Alaska , or The Hunger Games. Other books i like : After series and Paper Towns.

As you can see , i love Just Dance. My favourite is Just Dance 2014 , in my opinion is the best. I also like other videogames , such as Sims , Pokemon or Splatoon. I own : Wii , Wii U , Play Station 3 , PSP , and Nintendo 3DS.

I also like movies/series . My favourite serie is Aqui No Hay Quien Viva , its a spanish serie about a crazy neighborhood , but i have to choose one you' all know its Scream Queens or American Horror Hotel , being Coven or Freakshow my favourites seasons. About movies , i like a lot The Maze Runner movies , along with The Hunger Games' one. 




This is also my favourites videos </p>
If your gift is here , it means i really liked it! Thanks you guys to:


Twitter : JoseGrande168

Uplay : Joself

Instagram : Http.electraheart

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