aka mmh MWAH OH MY GOD

  • I live in Romania
  • I was born on December 23
  • My occupation is passing school
  • I am dual pipa

Ok. Hi!

Saw you there

Heres something about me:

Password: ********

I love Just Dance 2016


-How old are you?

I'm legal

-Are you a girl or boy?

I identify as an attack helicopter.

-Do you watch RuPaul?

Only Season 6.

-Do you have a wiki?

Yes. Currently I'm trying to make a JD wiki in romanian. Any help is apreciated.

-Show us your face plz.

Good luck finding it, i'm not gonna show it here.

-Is there anyone on wiki do you hate?

Yes, everyone ;)

If you have any question leave it on my beautyful wall

All of my games

  • Just Dance Now
  • All JD games for wii and wii u.
  • A Wii U
  • A PC with Steam and a bunch of free games ( Paladins,Smite etc.).

Favourite JD songs

JD1: Hot N Cold, Cotton Eye Joe, Womanizer, Step By Step, Fame

JD2: Baby Girl , Professor Pumplestickle, Firework, Moving On Up, American Boy

JD3: Teenage Dream, E.T., Pump It, Somethin Stupid, Forget You, Dynamite, Beautiful Liar

JD4: Moves Like Jagger, Call Me Maybe, Beauty And A Beat, Oath, So Glamorous

JD2014: #thatPOWER, I Kissed A Girl, One Thing, Can't Hold Us, Feel So Right, Safe And Sound

JD2015: Happy, Tetris, Maps, Love Me Again, Dark Horse, Let It Go, Summer, Bad Romance, Break Free

JD2016: Blame, Boys, You Never Can Tell, Hit The Road Jack, Animals, All About That Bass, I'm An Albatraoz, Chiwawa

JD2017: September, What Is Love?, Worth It, Sorry, All About Us, Dragostea Din Tei, Into You, Groove, Wherever I Go, Last Christmas

JD2018 - Rockabye, Swish Swish, Naughty Girl, Thumbs, J'suis Pas Jalouse

JD2019: OMG, Mad Love, Mimimi, Havana, New Reality

Least fav JD songs

JD1: Lump

JD2: Hey Ya!, Dagomba

JD3: Jamaican Dance

JD4: Beware of the boys

JD2014: In The Summertime

JD2015: Build For This

JD2016: Stadium Flow - FANMADE (bcuz its not me lol)

JD2017: Hips Dont Lie ALT

JD2018: Fearless Pirate

JD2019: Shaky Shaky,

I appeard in:

the #stadiumflowfanmade thank you video

Taste The Feeling ALT Community Remix

TheFairyDinas 10k 2016 subs giveaway video

TheFairyDinas 30k 2018 New Face Community Remix

What I like (in real life)

I like wolvs and lions.

fav flavor: strawberry and banana

fav artist: Justin Beiber


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  • A fan's approximation of the square
  • Man Down appearing in the background of Blurred Lines
  • The Coach

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Favourite people:

Wikia: JMD, Master, John,

DeviantArt: CoyoteEsquire Me

irl: idk bcuz i have no one

Singers: Ariana Grande, One Direction, Katy Perry, Owl City, Meghan Trainor, Sia, Justin Beiber, Carla's Dreams(99% of you dont know)

Wiki requests/gifts

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