Esten Kei

aka Someone10000 (S10K)

  • I live in the Hellenic Republic
  • I was born on October 25
  • My occupation is No
  • I am -shows his navy blue baby-blanket-
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I like creating art. Especially digital!

I believe in rights equal and same for everyone.

I'm the host and original creator of the GOLD Dance Glove !


Stuff I've been gifted

Here's everything ( well, as of June of 2017 and after, lol ) that other users have gifted me. Everything below is awesome so be sure to check my gallery and visit the featured users' profiles. :D

  • made by JustMathDance!
  • made by JustMathDance!
  • made by American Lowlifes!
  • made by JohnJD1302!
  • made by JohnJD1302 for my birthday!
  • made by JDlover12 for my birthday!
  • made by Stanley56 for my birthday!
  • made by Matusmati for my birthday!
  • made by AestheticFaraz!
  • BANDITO BADGE! - made by JohnJD1302

Fave Artists

Fave Shows


Users I like the most

Master Hydraffe. - a real supporter. Never said no to helping others. Plus, a loyal admin. :)

MikeyRocks33. - such a funny guy! XD

JD123456. - Ma twinsiee. From the 1st people I started socializing with, here.! :D

SatotheScientist101. - An awesome graphist and person. Won't mind lending ya a hand! ;)

Bunnylove14. - His aura's so peaceful! :)

DanceGuy151. - A Melanie M. wikia admin and a fellow Cry Baby... ;)

Minifigureman11. - A person to challenge in JD games.... You will never accept the fact that we will always beat ya. XD

Matusmati. - Kind & very creative... What more to ask? XD

Stanley56. - Such a cool guy... :)

JustVladik4Kides. - Another great graphist!

Dancer168. - An Ariana fan that I really like as a person. He's kind and helpful... :D

JustMathDance. - A really talended user! His designs are awesome. :)


( if ur not here and want to, PLEASE leave a message to my wall... I might have forgot about ya!... Please excuse ma brain. )




...and many many many more... ;)




Feel Free to ask me anything you want or inquire help! Please don't spam tho. Thanks ;)

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