aka osnapitzneedy

  • I live in Honeymoon Ave (idec if it's fake or not.)
  • I was born on November 23
  • My occupation is Making mashups and other sh*t.
  • I am Moonlight Avenue Mashups
Just Dance 2016(One Last Time by Ariana Grande)(Fanmade- collab mashup ft. Candy99)

Just Dance 2016(One Last Time by Ariana Grande)(Fanmade- collab mashup ft. Candy99).

My 1st Collab Mashup

Bhnkey Profile Pic

Welcome To My JD Wiki Everybody!!! :D

Mashup One Last time
I'm An Albatroz Background (My Version)

My Version of The Background

DR (Fanmade)

Fanmade Of Double Rainbow By Katy Perry

Gotta-be-me-full 212960

My Fave Song Ever :D

Pound The Alarm P1
We Are Monsters - Monster High (Mashup Cover)

My Fanmade Mashup Cover Of Monster High (Theme: Creepiest Monster Ever!)

I Wish (Fanmade)

My Fanmade Of I Wish (i edited from Fun And Pizap!)

Pity Party (Fanmade Square)

I Used w/ Pizap!


My Another Fanmade Mashup Cover Of Je Sais Pas Danser (Theme: Music Video Dancers)

JDU - Fly To Your Heart (Fanmade Remake)

Fake Not Real People!

Ways To Be Wicked (Full Gameplay Fanmade)

FANMADE!!!!!!!!! NOT REAL!!!!!!!!!!!

My Favorite Songs

Favorite Coaches

== #WeWantPeppaPig == FairyMuffin275YT is the leader of the Peppa Pig Army!

Join the movement! :3 We need the Peppa Pig theme song on Just Dance Unlimited/Just Dance 2020! We understand that the theme is short, but Ubi can simply have the song repeat a couple times. Peppa is queen and we need her on the game!


  • Peppa needs to be on the game!
  • Peppa is sad that she isn't on Just Dance yet
  • Peppa will be very happy if she is on the game
  • This is what the gameplay will look like. (photo credit: JUST LIAMZ)
  • What Peppa will look like on the game (as a coach) (phot0 credit: JUST LIAMZ)

This is an altar for anyone who supports the #WeWantPeppaPig movement. Simply put {{WeWantPeppaPig}}onto your userpage if you want to join the army!

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