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Hi, I'm FalcoLombardi99. I'm 18 years old from the US but you can call me Tim. I am a 12th grader. I'm gay, nonbinary and currently single, been single for 1 year. I have been playing Just Dance since 2015. I also have Discord too if you need to contact me there, it's cadmus Red X#8444. I'm a huge Teen Titans and Young Justice fan along with being a JD fan. I've been on this wiki since June 2015 but didn't become active on the wiki until 2016.
My "Just Dance" games
Just Dance 2014 (Wii U)
Just Dance 2015 (Wii U)
Just Dance 2017 (Wii)
Just Dance Now (Android)
Just Dance Now (Chinese Version) (Android)
Just Dance Wii (Wii)
Just Dance 2018 (Wii U)
Just Dance 2019 (Switch)

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