I'm Giacodrago , a top Italian Just Dancer, I love so much Music, Study, Travel, Just Dance And Fortnite. I think they're Great. This Is My JD Wiki Page And I Want To Share With You My Ideas, My Favorite (...), Thinks... I hope you enjoy, See You In The Wiki Giacodrago

My favorite Just Dance's Games

  1. Just Dance Wii U
  2. Just Dance 2014
  3. Just Dance 2019

My Ideas

For Now I Published Two New Ideas (Concepts), i think they're great for the JDW. These Are my Blogs:

About Me

Favorite Songs

I Have Many Songs, The Songs Are These:

European Songs

American Songs

African Songs

Oceanian Songs

Asian Songs

Facts About Me

  • I Was Born on 17th December 2005
  • I Love Food, especially Pizza
  • I Love Watch Films In Italian And Then In O.V. (Original Version) (Ex. Bohemian Rhapsody, i saw the Italian Version But Wednesday I'm Going to watch in English)
  • I Hate Reading Books (5-6 Books Year Max.)
  • I Have two YT Channels, one i Use For Me (Private) and one i use For Create Stuff On YT.
  • I Like K-Pop, But Alfonso Signorini Is The Best
  • I Can Speak Italian, English, French, I Tried Japanese But I Don't Remember Nothing ^^

My Favorite song from Every JD

Just Dance 1: Dare

Just Dance 2: American Boy

Just Dance Kids (PAL Dance Juniors): Here We Go Again

Just Dance 3: Only Girl (In The World)

Just Dance Wii: Valenti

Just Dance Kids 2 (PAL Just Dance Kids): The Lion Sleeps Tonight

Just Dance WIi 2 : PONPONPON

Just Dance 4 : Brand New Start (I'm PAL R.I.P)

Just Dance : Disney Party: S.I.M.P (Italian Version)

Just Dance 2014: She Wolf

Just Dance Kids 2014: Make It Shine

Just Dance Wii U: FANTASTIC BABY (Japanese Version) (My Favorite JD Song)

Just Dance 2015: It's My Birthday

Just Dance 2015 (China): High Light High Life

Just Dance 2016+: Teacher Alt.

Just Dance: Disney Party 2+: A Billion Hits

Just Dance Now (China): Cool Times (So Good)/So Cheerful

Just Dance 2017: Scream And Shout Alt.

Just Dance 2017 (China): Qia La Yong Yuan OK - Future Underworld Remix

Just Dance 2018: Blue (Da Ba Dee)

Just Dance 2019: Bang Bang Bang Alt.++

Just Dance 2019 (France And Canada): On Ne Porte Pas Sous-Vetements

Just Dance 2019 (Russia): There is Nothing Better In The World

Just Dance 2019 (Middle East): Hala Bel Khamis

Just Dance Unlimited: Am I Wrong

+: The Relase Date Is The Same, But I Insert First JD2016 Because It's in the main Series.

++: The Alt. It's Extreme Because the VIPMADE It's Unlimited.


some Random Italian memes here lol:


For Now I Haven't (TRIGGERED)

My Ban Risk

Warning 1: I Published a Momo image and i got warned, YES Warning 2: Yesterday I saw There's No BBoom BBoom Page, I saw a photo with BBoom BBoom in the jd19 menu, for this a create an artricle, Yesterday TheChibiKing Removed the article, Now He Warm Me, Again. Warning 3: Because I Wrote: Because You Do This **** with Mayores *** *** (For BBoom BBoom) Warn and Ban Risk. I Don't know if after this i'm going to say goodbye to all, but I ADVERTISE, All The Lists Of My Concept Are Closing Risk.

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