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Things for/of me


My favorite songs

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  1. Bebe
  2. Lump
  3. Cotton-Eye Joe
  4. Jerk It Out
  5. Le Freak
  6. Hot n Cold
  7. A Little Less Conversation
  8. Cotton-Eye Joe
  9. Groove Is in the Heart

My records

1100th edit:A comment on Mehdi Kerkouche page

1260thedit:Firework's page

1395thedit:the friends section on my user page

1520th edit: JDWC Title Change in the sottoforum Decisions

1540thedit:Talk:That’s Not My Name/@comment-JDLOVER2957-20170902091256/@comment-JDLOVER2957-20170902092910 ‎

1585thedit:an edit on a my comment on the Boom's page

1265thedit:Juju On That Beat's page

1735thedit:My profile page!

1830thedit:My profile page!

1830thedit:I Just Can’t Stop Loving You

1905thedit:Want U Back

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