• I live in USA
  • I was born on April 27
  • My occupation is Being American - Canadian
  • I am Male

Talk back to me, take it easy! -Paramjeet Singh

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About Me

I'm Jamesnorky (James) I'm a Chat Mod and a Rollback. I am kind of the party guy! I am famous for hosting the 1K User Celebration Party! I like to edit, comment, and I like to go on chat. I also like making mashups on my YT channel JDGameplaysJN. I love watching the show Gravity Falls. One of my favorite artists is Alessia Cara

Points I've Unlocked: 810


Joshclan is the most popular ship on the wiki. It's also everyone's OTP. Imagejoshclanisbæ



Jamesnorky is a member of the Dancing Queen Army!

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This altar is for anyone who supports the #WeWantDancingQueen movement. Simply put {{WeWantDancingQueen}} onto your userpage to join the army!

Gravity falls Jamesnorky is a fan of the show Gravity Falls.
Snl Jamesnorky loves to watch SNL.
TDIuserbox Jamesnorky loves Total Drama!
Key art the office
Jamesnorky loves The Office!

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