aka Jojo

  • I live in Brazil
  • My occupation is Dancing
  • I am alive
Problem bts 2

Hewwo <insert name here>, My name is Jojo!

I'm JojoJustDancer, and I'm a Just Dancer and mashupper! I have a boyfriend and I love Katy and Ariana! And I'm a dumbass bi**h!

Rest in peace, Justdancer30

This template is to remember the user who adopted the Wiki, Justdancer30, who passed away earlier in 2016 due to undisclosed reasons. Here is a memory wall to remember him by.

Now, here is a list of users that wish condolences to his family.

My favorite pages

My "Just Dance" games

  • Just Dance 2017

Just Dance Now

(in future) Just Dance 2019

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