Judah JustDanceMan

  • I live in A House Full Of Sytems (what do you think)
  • My occupation is Being King And Best Dancer
  • I am I Dont Know


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About Me

Im A American Kid Songwriter I've Been TheBreakingBoys But Got Kicked Out For Making A Video Saying Why I Left For Like 3 Or 2 Months I Sing Alot Trying To Get Vocals Maybe Autotune I Make Mashups(BAD MASHUPS) And Ya

Games On Every Consle

(Phone Lineplay Choices Screenshot Capture And DU Recorder)(Nintendo Switch Minecraft Just Dance 2018 Super Mario Oddsey Splattoon 2 Pac Man 1-2 Switch)(Wii U Disney Infintey 1-0 2-0 3-0 Just Dance 4 Just Dance 2014 Just Dance 2015 Just Dance 2016 And Just dance 2017 And More Games)(Pc Alot)

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My Bae


My Bae In Winter

KAITO M by june30june30

My Rival(I Will Get You Kaito)

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