• I live in 6 Alexander Place
  • I was born on July 8
  • My occupation is a fourth grade student at William E Cottle School.
  • I am a boy.

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Hello friend!

Nice to meet you! I'm JustDanceTynkerMatty! I play Just Dance on my Wii U, Xbox One, and Switch.

I hate shaky shaky

Please do not edit my userpage! If you do, I will report to an admin.

I joined the wiki on January 21 2018.

And something from Age5CT, made clean by me...



My Jokes


My upcoming games on coding sites



This is the darkest project that I have ever created. A character dies and turns into a ghost. The game will have no blood, but it will be a kidunfriendly horror game made by a kid.


Boom Boom Simulator

The main character is P3. There is an enemy in the game. The enemy moves 50 pixels, which is fast according to Tynker. The game is expected to be harder than Cuphead.

This is where the link is going to be. When the game is finished, the link will be pasted here.


It is like this...

Character: Role

Anyways, here are the roles.

Boom Boom P3: Main character and player
Fight Club: Enemy

Unfortunatley, Fight Club is a werewolf in Boom Boom Simulator.

Game Info

Genre: Survival simulation
Release date: TBA
Lines: 92
Scripts: 17
Start of development: January 2018


Once upon a time there was a blue square who entered a portal without noticing. The square corrupted everything from pink to blue, and it’s your job to stop the corruption from going too far.

This is where the link is going to be, when the game is finished and published, I will paste the link.


It is like this.

Character: Role

Anyways, here are the roles.

Shooter Cube: The Hero
Light Show: Boss 1
Sighter: Boss 2
Werewolf Kubbi: Boss 3
Dank Boi: Boss 4
Defending Triangle: Boss 5
Blue Square: Main and Final Boss, also Boss 6

Concept Art
Game Info

Genre: Bullet-hell
Release date: TBA
Lines: 10
Scripts: 5
Start of development: Late September 2018


My ROBLOX account is PlotagonRocks.

Collection of color mixes


Close to Black


My "Just Dance" games

I have all 11 Just Dance games on my Wii U (I had to play Just Dance, Just Dance 2, Just Dance Summer Party, Just Dance 3, and Just Dance Greatest Hits/Best Of via Wii Menu), while I have only Just Dance 2018 on my Xbox One and Switch.



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About Me

  • I have Autism, which is just one part of me.
  • I behave very well, due to being mature.
  • I am one of the youngest helpers on this wiki.
  • I am very nice.
  • I have a lot of dance energy.
  • I edit for capitalization, grammar, spelling, and for more information. I also replace fanmade croppings with non-transparent croppings from my computer. I add hex codes very often.
  • I am a muser.
  • I like music of all languages, even Danish-language music (which I hear when me and Amalie are in a Jeep.)
  • I edit on my my iPad Pro and my computer.
  • I can only change my profile pic on my computer.


Oreo JustDanceTynkerMatty loves Oreos
AllAboutThatBassBetaPictogram2 JustDanceTynkerMatty loves making pictograms.
Dancer world logo JustDanceTynkerMatty is the creator of Dancer World.
Robloxlogo JustDanceTynkerMatty plays ROBLOX.

How I describe the admins.

  • Nice
  • Curious
  • Helpful
  • Honest
  • Rule followers
  • Fun

Dope Stuff


The new Crayola color

Bluetiful, which is replacing Dandelion.

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