Hi! I'm Jaume and I'm Spanish. I upload Just Dance videos to YouTube when I'm bored xD.

My friends

  • Ryan2014: He's very good at Photoshop. (And sometimes he teach me xD...)
  • TWD--FAN: (spalman100) A great youtuber that I like. ;)
  • Jamesnorky: Very good at making fanmades, and very kind person! :D
  • ThE ReZoX: He makes great mashups! They're perfect,

My avatars

Avatar Game Song
Just Dance 1
Just Dance 4 I Don’t Feel Like Dancin’
Just Dance 2014 Turn Up The Love (P1)
Footloose p1 ava
Just Dance Now Footloose (C3)
Happy p1 ava
Just Dance 2015 Happy
Just Dance 2016 Hit The Road Jack

(Line Dance Version) [P3]

Goodfeelingalt avatar
Just Dance 2017 Good Feeling (Extreme Version)
24k p1 ava
Just Dance 2018 24K Magic (P1)
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