aka klOWOe

  • I live in somewhere over the rainbow
  • I was born on July 30
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Female
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Hello! I'm just a regular tween who likes to play Just Dance and Nintendo games! I started playing Just Dance over two years ago. I've had a long history with Just Dance!

My History With Just Dance!

I started playing Just Dance in May 2016. Although, technically, I started playing in December 2015 via YouTube. When I started playing Just Dance, I sucked. My scores ranged from 2-4 stars. I even got one star one time on Cool For The Summer by Demi Lovato. However, I improved over time and I started getting five stars, then superstars! AND MEGASTARS! Sometimes I get over 13000 points if I'm lucky. :)

My Favorite Just Dance song in each game!

JD1: Kids In America

JD2: Proud Mary

Favorite DLC: You Can't Hurry Love

JD3: Promiscuous

Favorite DLC: Baby Don't Stop Now

JD4: Good Girl

Favorite DLC: all of them!

JD14: Limbo (Sweat ver.)

Favorite DLC: all of them!

JD15: Black Widow

Favorite DLC: Papaoutai (African Dance ver.)

JD16: This Is How We Do (Acrobatics ver.)

JD17: Oishii Oishii

JD18: Instruction


Favorite Unlimited Exclusives: all of them!

JDWii: Cutie Honey

JDWii2: Bo Peep Bo Peep

JDWiiU: Acerola Taiso No Uta

Games I have:

Wii: JD1, JD2, JD3, JD4, JD14, JD18

Wii U: JD15, JD16, JD17

Switch: JD19

Bye bye!

Bye guys! Thanks for checking out my profile! :) Expect to see me on the wiki sometimes!

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