aka lunime stan

  • I live in little homeschool uwu
  • I was born on May 19
  • My occupation is playing roblox and just dance
  • I am boy

Hi! Welcome To My Profile!

the best songs from each jd in my opinion:

JD1: Pump Up The Jam

JD2: D.A.N.C.E.

JD3: Promiscuous

JD4: Brand New Start

JD2014: Candy

JD2015: Burn

JD2016: Ievan Polkka

JD2017: Don't Let Me Down

JD2018: Fight Club

JD2019: Adeyyo

JD2020: Bad Boy

the ultimate ranking owo

here i will rank every single song from jd in one place :D


yeah!: womanizer, jerk it out, girls & boys, pump up the jam, jin go lo ba, dare, can't get you out of my head, wannabe, when i grow up, toxic, idealistic, proud mary, iko iko, holiday, hey ya, d.a.n.c.e., walk like an egyptian, take me out, maniac, american boy, spice up your life

perfect!: girls just want to have fun, cotton eye joe, heart of glass, groove is in the heart, i like to move it, hot n cold, fame, kids in america, le freak, funplex, eye of the tiger, acceptable in the 80s, who let the dogs out?, step by step, u can't touch this, it's raining men, girlfriend, s.o.s., move your feet, big girl (you are beautiful), i want you back, call me, crazy in love, soul bossa nova, sympathy for the devil, wake me up before you go-go, the power, jump (jd2), thats not my name, cosmic girl, alright, rockafeller skank, should i stay or should i go, jai ho (you are my destiny), firework, pon de replay, pump up the volume, professor pumplestickle, crying blood, down by the riverside, kung fu fighting, mambo no. 5 (a little bit of monika), nine in the afternoon, you cant hurry love, come on eileen, song 2, here comes the hotstepper, moving on up

super: ring my bell, a little less conversation, lump, i get around, thats the way (i like it), i got you (i feel good), rasputin

good: mashed potato time, louie louie, bebe, tik tok, a-punk, hot stuff, katti kalandal, sway, body movin, viva las vegas, futebol crazy, its not unusual, skin-to-skin, why oh why

ok: surfin' bird, satisfaction, mugsy baloney, baby girl, jump in the line, monster mash, chicken payback

x: jungle boogie, the shoop shoop song (its in his kiss), barbie girl, crazy christmas

golden x: dagomba

friends :D

these are the people im friends with :D





DynamoDerp11 (were friends in roblox, idk if it counts :v)

Just Rikkie (were also friends in roblox, i also dont know if it counts :v)

IiCyberFoox (were also friends in roblox, i also dont know if it counts :v)

things i stan :D

just dance


club penguin

steven universe

summer camp island

the loud house


nothing important: roblox games portrayed by jd

remember that game i made; roblox games in jd? i decided to put some ideas i got for that game in my profile, if u play roblox and have any suggestion u can tell me it on my message wall, ill credit you :v

when i grow up - fashion famous

love is all - royale high

kaboom pow - heroes of robloxia

song 2 - ski resort

ikuze kaito shojo - mad city

kiss datte hidarikiki - roblox highschool

land of 1000 dances - robloxian highschool

sushi - work at a pizza place

happy - welcome to bloxburg

maneater - piggy

all about that bass (alt) - bee swarm simulator

i get around - scuba diving at quill lake

kill this love - death star tycoon

love boat - roblox titanic

baby shark - sharkbite

into you - sakura high

dance de bakon - restaurant tycoon

so what - destruction simulator

bad boy - boardwalk tycoon

dont call me up - texting simulator

old town road - the wild west

im still standing - natural disaster survival

tightrope - plane crazy

wall of steven universe future characters :>

My ROBLOX Username


Rest In Peace Lizzy_Winkle

i know this isn't roblox wiki or royale high wiki but.. a roblox developer known for helping to create royale high passed away at 15 years.. she passed away because of blood cancer and we hope shes in a better place now..



LapisJD is a member of the Just Dance Japan on JDU Army!

Join our army :D We need the Japanese exclusives on JDU. Even though this won’t happen, it’s fun to dream!!


To join our army, just put {{WeWantJustDanceJapanOnJDU}.} on your userpage! (Minus the period) ==


Join the Hope For Kyary army today! We want a Kyary Pamyu Pamyu song on Just Dance 2020 or Just Dance Unlimited! Possibly Candy Candy or one of her more recent hits, Mondai Girl.


This altar is for anyone who supports the #WeWantKyary movement. Simply put this template onto your userpage to join the army! :)


LapisJD is a member of the Jungle Drum Army!

Join our army! We need Jungle Drum on Just Dance 2020 or at least Just Dance Unlimited! This "worked" with We Can't Stop, so let's try our luck one more time. (I know we did nothing with We Can't Stop, but it's still fun to do this 😁).


Just Dance 3 BETA Dancer - Jungle Drum - Emiliana Torrini

Just Dance 3 BETA Dancer - Jungle Drum - Emiliana Torrini

What we’ve seen so far

This altar is for anyone who supports the #WeWantJungleDrum movement. Simply put {{WeWantJungleDrum}} onto your userpage to join the army!

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