aka Mysterious Girl

  • I was born on December 28
  • I am Girl
Levanpolkka coach 1 big
Howdeep coach 1
Electricboy coach 1
Sanseikawai coach 1

My Senpai on Each game

Just Dance 1: Dare

Just Dance 2: Wake me Up before You GO-GO

Just Dance 3: She's Got Me Dancing

Just Dance 4: Good Feeling

Just Dance 2014: Kiss You (Sweat)

Just Dance 2015: Happy

Just Dance 2016: Stadium Flow

Just Dance 2017: Groove P2

Just Dance 2018: Diggy

Just dance 2019: Fire P1

Just dance 2020: Stop Movin' P3

Just Dance Wii: Choo Choo TRAIN P1

Just Dance Wii 2: We Can't Stop the Music

Just Dance Wii U: FANTASTIC BABY (Japanese Version) (Most likely Prefer the Korean version)

Just Dance 2015 Chinese: Us under the Sunshine P2

(No Senpai In JD2017 Chinese... :'(...)

Just Dance Vitality School: Bad Girl


Hi I'm LillyWitchy But You Can Call Me Lilly If You Can Call Me,

I Speak Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Albanian & Portugese

I'm Cute

My favorite pages


Warning: Do NOT Edit My page, only admins can edit my page if you do you will be reported to the admin you are not allowed to do it

My Appearance

I'm a Blonde Haired Nerdy Girl, I wear Red Glasses, a red hair bow, a pink long-sleeved hoodie, a cyan skirt, lavender high socks, cyan shoes.


LillyWitchy is a member of the Dancing Queen Army!

Join our army :D We need Dancing Queen on JD2019!


This altar is for anyone who supports the #WeWantDancingQueen movement. Simply put {{WeWantDancingQueen}} onto your userpage to join the army!

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