Little Fantasy


  • I live in Planet Earth
  • I was born on September 20
  • I am am great
My recolor of miss understood


Some info about me:

  • Girl
  • Name's Anna
  • 13 years old
  • Has pink strands in her hair
  • Lives in Russia
  • Likes kittens
  • Likes Anja's songs
  • Hates skirts
  • Hates Justin Bieber
  • Hasn't got any consoles and never played JD. Sad truth.


Little Fantasy is a member of the All I Want For Christmas Is You Army!

Join our army :D We need All I Want For Christmas Is You on JDU or JD2021! This "worked" with We Can't Stop and Sax (and especially Dancing Queen), so let's try our luck one more time. (We know we did nothing with We Can't Stop and Sax, but it's still fun to do this 😁).


This altar is for anyone who supports the #WeWantChristmas movement. Simply put {{WeWantChristmas}} onto your userpage to join the army!}


Please join our army :D We want the PPAP song on JD2020 or JDU! Ubi can use the extended version, since it's 2:33.


Want to join the army? Just put the link to your userpage here and add { {WeWantPPAP} } to your page! (without spaces)

  • The gameplay (Made by the founder of the army, Little Fantasy)
  • The avatar (also made by Little Fantasy)
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