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  • I was born on April 8
  • My occupation is Genius editor and Twitch viewer. Return to FANDOM?
  • I am Female
  • Bio Also know as “Meow” for short, I reside in a place where it never snows. I enjoy YouTube, music (particularly band; I play flute), and editing the Wikis I’m on.
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Fun Fact About Me: I work part-time as a YouTube Caption maker (under the username The Brainiest Ashes Ever) for American English subtitles! I've worked on a few videos already, such as this one, this one, this one*, this one*, this one, this one*, and this one, for all you Geometry Dash fans! I made Vietnamese subtitles for this video singlehandedly, too!

* Although the description on that video says that only I made all of the captions, I actually had edited them AFTER someone else had made them.

Slumberparty menu

One of my favorite JD 2018 songs. What's yours?

Just look at the very top of my profile - my name is up top (xd). I started Just Dance when my family realized we needed a way to exercise. So, when Xbox 360's Kinect hardware was released, we jumped at the chance to get it. Just Dance 4 was the 4th game I got for Kinect; later on, I got Just Dance 2016 and Just Dance: Disney Party 2 because I was bored with the other Kinect games. My old profile (which is gonna be my dad’s Xbox Live account pretty soon) was originaly called “OrdainedSeven4” but changed to “bowwow2meow“ in mid-2017.

  • When we bought our 1st Xbox 360 console there were issues with it so we traded it for a used console, which came with the old name. It was cheaper, and since I was so young, I didn’t understand what was wrong with it. That was also why parental controls were on, and I’m currently trying to figure out how to turn it on-progress is getting very close.

Then, as a treat, my dad suggested getting a virtual reality headset on thr PS4 (because it was the cheapest). I got the later games to try out the devices that came along with the console. I came up with the name “bowwow2meow” with it (I ran out of ideas and love cats and dogs, okay??? All my made-up usernames have the word “meow“ in it!).

  • Upsides: I got the PS Motion controllers after getting the camera. They were part of VR, so we got them early in order to get used to them before actually trying out VR. THey track mostly hands-so I could move only the hands if I wanted to-a major advantage!
  • Downside: When we got the PS4 camera, its tracking was a major pain. Most of the time I could barely get past the 1st chorus of any song before it started tracking the walls. I swear the camera tracks the map taped on the one of the walls as well.

In mid 2019, I got an Xbox One S and am planning to use it to get Just Dance 2019. And I just found out my email was associated with an Xbox Live account, too - so I’ll be using that as my new account and let my dad handle my old one. So basically I’m starting my stats all over and am excited to use my Xbox One S! Also, I got Just Dance 2015 recently but it’s quite laggy so I’ll have to wait for it to be completely lag-free. (My alternate account is BrainyAsh943511.)

Well there you have it. I'm very skilled at all the games, and tend to go wild with the controllers (teehee >:D). Thanks for reading and cheers! <3333

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Editing Strengths and Weaknesses


  • I can find clear videos and pictures, then format the pictures.
  • I can spell and am an expert at grammar.
  • I can copy and paste stuff. (More often with a PC, usually on my laptop.)
  • I can work on both source and visual editors.
  • I can describe stuff. Just about anything.
  • I love editing here, which dosen't prevent me from helping here (if I am).
  • I make my GIFs using the Make A Gif website or MakeGif Video Editor.


  • I can’t search through Just Dance files or any file. I’ve never learned how.
  • I can’t make extractions.
  • I haven’t learned how to make templates and codes, so I do the copying and pasting part.
  • Even if I could format pictures, there’s a border that I can’t remove.
  • I am a sloooooooooooow editor. For example, it took minutes just to reorganize Fine China’s gallery.

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If you see a photo that credits me as "Added by Meow2BowWow", then I took that picture from a source. My specialty is photographing straight from an Apple device.

Congratulations if you were trying to report one of my photos or GIFs here. You're in the right place! (Almost. Just go to my Message Wall and explain the issue. You should already know how to leave a message on my Wall.)

NOTE: All personal images by me (like TV screenshots) should not be uploaded without my permission. All other images and GIFs (gameplay GIFs, funny GIFs) are free to use, as long as they're not abused!

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