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I have gained tons of knowledge of Just Dance from this Wiki. Dear contributors, thank you so much! However, my Just Dance knowledge gain has resulted in me finding out that both the the franchise and the Wiki itself have many issues.

Your username is <insert name here>, of course.




1. (Moskau)

2. (TiK ToK)

3. (Apache (Jump On It))

4. (I Want You Back)

5. (Gold Dust)

6. (Hit 'Em Up Style (Oops!))

7. (Flashdance... What A Feeling)

8. (Bang Bang Bang) (Extreme Version)

9. (Move Your Feet)

10. (Mambo No. 5 (A Little Bit of Monika))

11. (Bang Bang Bang) (Classic)

12. (I Need Your Love)

13. (Safe And Sound)

14. (Big Girl (You Are Beautiful))

15. (Rasputin)


17. (Oops!...I Did It Again)

18. (Sexy And I Know It)

19. (No Limit)

20. (Worth It) (Extreme Crew Version)

21. (Rockabye)

22. (7 Rings) (Classic)

23. (I Am the Best) (Classic)

24. (Baby One More Time)

25. (Boom)

26. (Só Depois do Carnaval)

27. (Bangarang) (Classic)

28. (Me And My Broken Heart)

29. (Mama Mia)

30. (William Tell Overture)

31. (I Like It (The Blackout Allstars song))

32. (I’m An Albatraoz)

33. (You’re The One That I Want)

34. (Katti Kalandal)

35. (Summer)

36. (Fun)

37. (Drop the Mambo)

38. (Proud Mary)

39. (You Don’t Know Me)

40. (Obsesión)

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