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  • I live in Turkey
  • I was born on November 5
  • I am 12

Welcome dear friend!

If you edit my user page, i will report you to a admin.

Hello! My name is Yunus. I live in Turkey. I am member of this wiki since November 7, 2014. (with My old account) I love this place. People are amazing in here. I am here for my Just Dance love. I am Just Dancer since 2012. I love Just Dance so much. This is why i am here.

I am the only Turkish/Turk in here. I can help you with everything about Turkey or Turkish. Don't be scared, ask to me.

I love K-Pop so much. I'm not a annoying fan. My fav groups are:

Girl Groups:

EXID, Black Pink, Twice, Red Velvet and Mamamoo

Boy Groups:

B.I.G (band), Got7 and Big Bang (South Korean band)


4f9bfb6e1a3ce98909666307e393d190d030d4cb hq Yunyl loves Hani more than everybody loves
Giphywubba Yunyl is fan of Rick and Morty
Plumbobspin Yunyl is simmer forever.

PNG's That I Made

You can see here that PNG's that i made. (Please get permission from me to use and do not re-upload!)
  • Waka Waka (This Time for Africa) Kids Mode
  • P1 of Magic Halloween
  • All You Gotta Do (Is Just Dance)
  • Swish Swish P2

Missing Friends...


Rest in peace, Justdancer30

This template is to remember the user who adopted the Wiki, Justdancer30, who passed away earlier in 2016 due to undisclosed reasons. Here is a memory wall to remember him by.

Now, here is a list of users that wish condolences to his family.

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