Hey what's up everyone this page is for people who want to learn a little about me as you can tell I like Ariana grande's music I have every just dance game you can think of I live in a big house I've had an iPhone 5s for three years and I'm soon gonna be getting a 6s plus yay I've worked so hard for a new phone my sister just graduated college I was born in Italy ­čç«­čç╣ my Nona lives in Boca Raton Florida and grandpa frank passed away in July miss him I love big brother I have wrote a song called Accelerate and The Hate Song I'm scicillan sorry if I spelled it wrong and Abruzzo == #WeWantManDown == Stuckinthemiddle is a member of the Man Down Army!

Join our army :D We need Man Down on JD2021 or JDU!


This altar is for anyone who supports the #WeWantManDown movement. Simply put {{WeWantManDown}} onto your userpage to join the army!This is your userpage, tell the community about yourself!

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