aka your neighborhood crackhead

  • I was born on April 25
  • My occupation is doing something incredibly stupid, regretting it, and then doing the same thing again
  • I am a theatre b***h. it's like a b***h, but theatre.
  • Bio Hi there! I am an American female who edits regularly. Aside from Fandom, I listen to music and watch YouTube videos.
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Here's to me being a theatre kid!

friendly reminder to not edit my page without my consent. if you do, i have the right to report you. thanks <3

Hi! It's really nice to meet you. I'm TheElectraFroot, and I'm a user on this wiki. I actually joined in 2015, under the name "The Ballerina Albatraoz". However, as my ability to quickly forget passwords would have it, I had to go through a list of usernames before finally settling here (and yes I remember my password). I can't really say that I've made BEST friends here, because socially that's rude; however, I can say I proudly call this place my third home.

As my username suggests, I LOVE Marina. She's a wise artist with an angelic voice and an ability to make you either jam out or cry. I can't even decide what my favorite song by her is, she's that good! 

As my profile picture suggests, I am a theatre girl. Of course, I'm still a baby in the fandom, but I've already got so many musicals that I want to listen to. 

Facts about me


  • I am graduating high school in 2023, thirty years after my mother.
    • My mother and I attended the same high school (obviously at different times)
    • We both have had one specific teacher that I adore now.
    • When I was an infant, I had craniosynotosis, and I had to have a surgery. My mom had to do the same thing.
    • In other words, I am an albino version of my mother.
  • To clarfify the "albino" thing: my full sisters have dark hair and dark eyes, along with a tan complexion. I, however, have blonde hair and blue eyes, along with a lighter complexion. 
  • I'm a huge music person who will constantly listen to music you recommend me. Even K-POP and we all know how that genre is treated here.
  • My favorite colors are red and gold. They remind me of Christmas.
  • My favorite holiday is every holiday. 
  • In sixth grade I did track and field. Needless to say it turned out to be a fiasco.
  • I have been to: Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, Colombia, Panama, Uganda, and Belgium.
  • In choir, I am a soprano second soprano. Which means that my voice is not high or low, but I can hit some soprano notes. 
  • this is my fourth year of choir and I can't sing worth sh-

Just Dance

  • My first song was Oh No! on Just Dance 4. 
  • The lowest score that I've ever seen received was 200 on the Disturbia mash up.
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