aka Alexx

  • I live in California, United States of America, North America, Western Hemisphere, Earth, Solar System. Milky Way, Universe
  • I was born on August 11
  • My occupation is Unemployed
  • I am Male


My name is Alexx (obviously not my real name) and my favorite game is Just Shapes and Beats.

Names For Just Dance

Just Dance 2: alex

Just Dance 3: Kewlen

Just Dance 4: Kewlen

Just Dance 2015: YokaiMastrYT

Just Dance 2016: Kewlen

Just Dance 2018: Kewl Alex* (YokaiMastrYT)

Just Dance 2019: Alexx

*That is my nickname the one in this: ( ) is my gamertag

My "Just Dance" games

Just Dance 2 (Wii)

Just Dance 3 (Wii)

Just Dance 4 (Wii)

Just Dance 2015* (PS4)

Just Dance 2016 (Wii)

Just Dance 2018 (PS4)

Just Dance 2019 (Switch)

*I borrowed it from my brother, and I gave it back.

My Top 5 favorite songs

1. Corrupted - Danimal Cannon and Zef

2. Cool Friends - Silva Hound (Murtagh and Veschell remix)

3. I'm Being Reelistic - Omnitica

4. Houston - Big Giant Circles

5. Checkpoint - Nitro Fun and Hyper Potions


  • I like Just Shapes and Beats
  • I go to school
  • I don't know, make up your own facts
  • My favorite youtuber is KonekoKitten
  • Tristam is pretty cool
  • If I had to choose, my favorite band is Imagine Dragons.
  • My favorite musical artist is Tokyo Machine
  • Just Dance is not my favorite game LOL get rekt noobs oh my god im so cringe

Username Changes (that i remember) also not just on fandom other places

  • First was alex 
  • Second was TheYokaiMastr
  • Third was The22ndYokaiMastr
  • Fourth was YokaiMastr
  • Fifth was SecretNinja0811
  • Sixth was YokaiMastrYT
  • Seventh was Kewlen
  • Eighth (Current on JD2018) was Kewl Alex
  • Ninth is TheKewlAlex
  • Tenth is BigAlex1sBig
  • Eleventh is DanimalCanyon
  • Twelfth is Alexx
  • Twelfth (If Alexx is not avaliable) GamingAlexx


TheKewlAlex is the leader of the Peppa Pig Army!

Join the movement! :3 We need the Peppa Pig theme song on Just Dance Unlimited/Just Dance 2020! We understand that the theme is short, but Ubi can simply have the song repeat a couple times. Peppa is queen and we need her on the game!


  • Peppa needs to be on the game!
  • Peppa is sad that she isn't on Just Dance yet
  • Peppa will be very happy if she is on the game
  • This is what the gameplay will look like. (photo credit: JUST LIAMZ)
  • What Peppa will look like on the game (as a coach) (phot0 credit: JUST LIAMZ)

This is an altar for anyone who supports the #WeWantPeppaPig movement. Simply put {{WeWantPeppaPig}}onto your userpage if you want to join the army!

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