aka Will

  • I live in a house
  • I was born on November 13
  • My occupation is a normal person on the wiki editing pages.
  • I am Male

Hello there <insert name here>, and welcome to my user page. I've been a fan of the Just Dance series ever since Just Dance 2 was around maybe a few months old.

About Me

I am currently a 16 year old boy just living a normal life (by normal life, I mean sitting on my computer 24/7).

  • Plus, I will turn 17 in


How I came across Just Dance

Around 2010 or 2011, I was walking in a Blockbuster, looking for a game to rent, and then I found something called Just Dance 2. I thought it looked interesting, so I decided to have my mom/dad rent the game for me. When I first played it, I thought it was a good game.

Joining the Just Dance community

I joined the community around 2014 and that was the time I was an annoying kid who would just argue with everyone. After I got blocked for a few days/a week, I started to be more respectable in the community and apologized for my dumb actions.

Just Dance games I own

  • Bold = homebrew
  • consoles are in order of when I got them

Main series

Japanese series

Kids series

Additional games

Other spinoffs

My profile pictures


You can use them for your fanmades, but crediting me would be greatly appreciated. (Click them for a better view)

Beta assets

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Promotional coaches

(Some of these might be before someone uploads the real thing.)

Promotional gameplay coaches


Texture hacks

(These are texture hacks that were made possible with Dolphin)


Nothing about me is more toxic than my comments on this Wiki from 2014.

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