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My rankings

I’ll do this with every game as of now

Just Dance 2019

YEAH!: 1. New World, 2. A Little Party Never Killed Nobody (All We Got), 3. no tears left to cry, 4. Nice For What, 5. OMG, 6. Peanut Butter Jelly, 7. Familiar, 8. OMG (Extreme), 9. I Feel It Coming, 10. Finesse (Remix) (Extreme), 11. Sangria Wine, 12. Mad Love (Extreme), 13. New Rules (Extreme), 14. Nichego na svete luchshe netu

Perfect: 15. ALPNKN (Twenties), 16. Calypso, 17. Rave in the Grave, 18. Havana (Tango), 19. Bang Bang Bang (Extreme), 20. TOY,  21. Adeyyo, 22. Boys, 23. Mad Love, 24. Done For Me, 25. Work Work (Extreme), 26. Sugar, 27. One Kiss, 28. Havana, 29. Bang Bang Bang, 30. Where Are You Now?

Super: 31. Bang Bang Bang (VIPMADE), 32. Obsesión, 33. DDU-DU DDU-DU, 34. Ça Plane Pour Moi, 35. Miłość w Zakopanem, 36. Lush Life, 37. Hala Bel Khamis, 38. Medicina, 39. Swish Swish (VIPMADE), 40. Finesse (Remix), 41. Fire, 42. Mi Mi Mi (Sassy), 43. S.L.U.T., 44. Kids Mode Routines

Good: 45. Mama Mia, 46. Narco, 47. Work Work, 48. You Don’t Know Me, 49. Sweet Sensation, 50. Medicina (Extreme), 51. Rhythm of the Night, 52. I’m Still Standing, 53. Jump, 54. Fire On The Dancefloor, 55. Water Me (Tennis), 56. New Reality, 57. Make Me Feel, 58. Water Me, 59. On Ne Porte Pas De Sous-Vêtements, 60. Not Your Ordinary, 61. Where Are You Now? (Hide-and-Seek)

Ok: 62. Bum Bum Tam Tam, 63. Un Poco Loco

X: 64. Mi Mi Mi, 65. New Rules, 66. Pac-Man

Golden X: 67. Criminal, 68. Shaky Shaky, 69. Bum Bum Tam Tam (Mad Scientist)

Just Dance 2020

YEAH!: 1. 365, 2. Bangarang (Extreme), 3. Kill This Love (Extreme), 4. The Time (Dirty Bit), 5. Kill This Love, 6. I Like It, 7. Rain Over Me (Extreme), 8. Le Bal Masqué, 9. bad guy, 10. Só Depois do Carnaval, 11. God is a woman (Goddess), 12. Sucker

Perfect: 13. My New Swag (我的新衣), 14. Rain Over Me, 15. I AM THE BEST (내가 제일 잘 나가), 16. I AM THE BEST (내가 제일 잘 나가) (Extreme), 17. 7 rings, 18. Talk (Extreme), 19. bad guy (Alternate), 20. Soy Yo, 21. Keep in Touch, 22. Into the Unknown, 23. 7 rings (Extreme)

Super: 24. High Hopes, 25. Tel Aviv, 26. I Don’t Care, 27. Ugly Beauty (​怪美的​), 28. Panini, 29. Fit But You Know It, 30. Infernal Galop (Can-Can), 31. Everybody (Backstreet’s Back), 32. Just An Illusion, 33. Bassa Sababa, 34. Sushi (Extreme), 35. Policeman, 36. Stop Movin’, 37. MA ITU

Good: 38. Bangarang, 39. God is a woman, 40. Old Town Road (Remix), 42. Talk - Soy Yo (Snake), 43. Djadja, 44. Don’t Call Me Up, 45. The Time (Dirty Bit) (Exreme), 46. Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life, 47. Old Town Road (Line Dance), 48. 10.000 luchtballonnen, 49. Fancy Footwork, 50. Sushi, 51. Vodovorot, 52. Get Busy

Ok: 53. Spinning (Кружит), 54. Con Altura, 55. Skibidi, 56. Bad Boy, 57. Con Calma

X: 58. FANCY, 59. Taki Taki

Golden X: 60. Mayores, 62. Baby Shark - Taki Taki (Caveman)

About me

Some random facts

  • I’m 15 years old and my next birthday is on
  • I come from Nicaragua, so sorry for any grammar error.
  • I’m not just a big fan of Just Dance, I’m also a GIANT fan of Super Smash Bros., Kirby and Geometry Dash.
  • My first edit was on Alphabet Song.
  • I like to put ":v" excesively :v.
  • The Fox says: "Ring-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding".
  • Right now I’m having a crush on Thibaut Orsoni <3 (He’s a f***ing daddy, deal with it).
  • I was shocked as h*ll when I saw myself on OneEmoticon’s userpage.
  • I ship so many JD male coaches... no, seriously, there’s so much JD yaoi on my head...
  • I made Coach Conversations famous.
  • I’m pretty obsessed with ROSALÍA right now :D.
  • I made the 877.000th edit on the wiki by writing a comment on Switch-It: Butt Edition.
  • I made the 968.000th edit on the wiki by writing a comment on Just Dance 2020.
  • I made the 976.000th edit on the wiki by writing this comment on Just Dance 2020.
  • I made the 978.000th edit on the wiki by making an edit on Playlists.
  • I made the 997.000th edit on the wiki for a reason I don’t know :P.
  • I made the 1.007.000th edit on the wiki for a reason I don’t know either :v.
  • I made the 1.014.000th edit on the wiki for writing a comment on Stupid Questions VIII.
  • I made the 1.018.000th edit on the wiki for writing a comment on Coach Conversations: The Threequel.
  • I made the 1.040.000th edit on the wiki for making an edit on this blog post.
  • I made the 1.046.000th edit on the wiki for writing this message on Rockydude47’s wall.
  • I made the 1.051.000th edit on the wiki for writing a comment on Switch-It: Body Edition.

Song of the Week!

This is the song that has been stuck on my head the most during the week! TheChibiKing’s former account and AlexTheJustDancer do this, but daily, while mine is weekly.

And the Song of the week (Mar. 27, 2020) is...

Juicy by Doja Cat!

All previous songs

My favorite people at the wiki! :D

Please don’t get mad at me if you’re not on the list :'v


  • I don’t care >:v
  • piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
  • Bro Bro Bro Bro Bro...
  • Seems Legit
  • [Insert song that is not on JDU here]’s coach: UBISOFT!!! Y U NO PUT ME ON JUST DANCE UNLIMITED!!!???
  • h.
  •  :)
  • SaTaNiC PoWeRs
  • Hmph
  • ViCtORiOuS

My fanmade works

A special section

I have nothing to do at my house, so here are all the times Ubisoft has ruined a song I love with a sh*t routine! :D

  1. Daddy Cool
  2. Beep Beep I’m A Sheep
  3. Blue (Da Ba Dee)
  4. Shape of You
  5. Shaky Shaky
  6. New Rules
  7. God is a woman
  8. Bangarang
  9. Taki Taki
  10. Con Altura


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Favorite Coaches

My favorite songs from each game

Songs colored in red means those songs are hated by... everyone.

All of them, I’m not joking, I seriously love all of them.

All songs... :v

I did this because I’m bored and I want my userpage to be longer, however, mine is not like Master Hydraffe one, Here is a list with the diferences:

  • MH’s one is outdated, while I’ll try to update mine everytime a new song is revealed.
  • MH put Asian series songs on his but I’m gonna use exclusively main series’s.
  • MH’s one goes alphabetically, while mine goes by game.
  • MH used some fanmade squares for JD2016, I’m not using any fanmade squares, for JD1-3 songs that still have a placeholder as their remake icon (or don’t have a remake at all), I’ll use their JD3/GH/BO squares, if the song hasn’t been in any of those games, I’ll use the placeholder icon.

And that’s it! Here’s the list (You can click on the images to go to their respective pages):