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Hello everyone and welcome to my page!

Whatever you know me as, this is me, Zodi. I'm pretty average and like to make fanmades. I like to use Photoshop a lot and I love the Just Dance series. I've been a fan since early 2013 and stuck with the series up until this point. I've had many great experiences on this wiki and hope to stick around for more!


Just Dance Favourites (in order)


Favorite Entertainment

As a fan of music and exploring multiple genres and albums, I have multiple favorite musicians, albums, and songs. I am a fan of multiple genres and I am very open to different styles and genres of music. I listen to mainly Alternative/Indie, R&B, Hip Hop, Pop, Music that experiments, Alt. and Indie Pop. R&B, Hip Hop, and Rock. Currently, I am trying to discover and dive into different sounds of music and hoping to do so more this 2018!


Just Dance Wiki Gifts and Requests

We do not speak of HatHats. That user is an irrelevant. Thank you for your time.

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