Welcome to the fourth annual Just Dance Prediction Game! Last year's game was a little messy, so this year the format will be a little different so it will be easier to mange.


This year, instead of commenting your predictions in the comments, you will be filling out a form on google docs. Revisions will also go through a form. Also, people will only be added to the leader board if/when they get points. I will still respond to your comment so you know I got your prediction. But note- you must confirm that you predicted by commenting afterwords.


Here's how the game works. You will predict 5 songs that you think will be on Just Dance 2019, with 1 being to mostly likely to appear, and 5 being least. You will also choose a song you think will will get an alternate. If you prediction becomes reality, you get points based on how high the song was on your list. Here's how many points you will get for each song:

1st song- 1,500 points

2nd song- 1,000 points

3rd song- 750 points 

4th song- 500 points

5th song- 250 points

Alt- 1,000 points

There are a few additional rules:

  1. Songs that have been offically been revealed or heavly leaked will be blacklisted, and cannot be predicted anymore.
  2. You MAY revise you predictions, but you cannot change to blacklisted songs.
  3. After filling out the form, you must confirm your prediction by commenting that you predicted on this blog page to confirm it's actually you who predicted.


If you win the Just Dance 2019 Prediction Game you will get:

  1. A spot in the prediction game Hall of Fame!
  2. One month of Just Dance Unlimited when 2019 comes out! (For now this is sadly for people in North America only, but I will try to find a way to make it work for international people if someone outside of North America wins)

Hall of Fame

The Prediction Forms

Predicting and revising is now closed. Good luck to those who entered!


Remember, usernames will be added to the leader board once they receive points from their predictions. I will respond to your confirmation comment to let you know I've got your prediction so you know you are entered

# Name Score
1 (UP 1) JDLover12 4750
2 (DOWN 1) Trexy821 4250
3/4 (UP 11) Pearl Louise


3/4 (DOWN 1) UprisingIcarus 4000
5/6/7/8 (DOWN 1) ZodiacGiraffe 3750
5/6/7/8 (UP 3) AnimationIsAwesome 3750
5/6/7/8 (UP 3) FalcoLombardi99 3750
5/6/7/8 (UP 3) AestheticFaraz 3750
9/10/11 (DOWN 4) BenDeLaChrist 3500
9/10/11 (DOWN 4) Master Hydraffe 3500
9/10/11 (DOWN 4) Matusmati 3500
12/13/14/15/16/17 (DOWN 4) Meow2BowWow 3250
12/13/14/15/16/17 (DOWN 4) OgishaCR 3250
12/13/14/15/16/17 (DOWN 4) SiHoZIZ14 3250
12/13/14/15/16/17 (DOWN 4) Trashcan75 3250
12/13/14/15/16/17 (UP 8) Stanley56 3250
12/13/14/15/16/17 (UP 12) theycallmezeal 3250
18/19 (DOWN 4) JDMoran 3000
18/19 (UP 9) Bboy3165 (yes you can play ;)) 1500
20/21 (DOWN 3) DanceGuy151 2750
20/21 (DOWN 3) Shades of Bloom (Mikey) 2750
22/23 (DOWN 3) Novophoenix 2500
22/23 (UP 2) Prismcool 2500
24/25/26 (DOWN 4) CosmicExplorer1234 2250
24/25/26 (DOWN 4) SoopaTroop 2250
24/25/26 (DOWN 1) Esten Kai 2250
27/28 (DOWN 3) KieRor098 1750
27/28 (UP 3) Itsdomin 1750
29/30/31/32 (DOWN 2) Gersommarchena123 1500
29/30/31/32 (DOWN 2) Imagoat 1500
29/30/31/32 (NEW) DynamoDerp11 1500
29/30/31/32 (NEW) Justbenn 1500
33 (DOWN 3) CAMERAwMustache 750

To see what songs people picked, and people who haven't scored anything yet, check this sheet HERE

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