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    It's been forever since I did one of these-- and I'm one week late in bringing it back-- but with JD2020 announced we now have songs on the charts again! Since I'm lazy I'm just gonna stick with chart positions only this week.

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    Song Artist Position Peak Weeks On
    Con Calma (Remix) 19
    High Hopes 45
    • Combined chart data for Con Calma from both the remix and the original are used to calculate the chart position.

    Nothing official is here yet.

    Song Artist Position Peak Weeks On
    Con Calma (Remix) 20

    Song Artist Year Hot 100 US EDM US Latin
    Bad Boy --
    Bangarang --
    Con Calma 1 (x8)
    God Is a Woman --
    High Hopes --
    I Am the Best --
    I Like It --
    Kill This Love --
    Policeman --
    Rain Over Me 1 (x1)
    Skibidi --
    Sushi --
    Vodovorot --

    Song Artist Year Hot 100 US EDM US Latin

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    Because I'm too lazy to make a video (and copyright would be a nightmare) here's a small list of what I think will be on JD2020.

    I usually would save this for Bunny's annual prediction game, but we're not doing that this year because of all the leaks and he really isn't that active anymore to run it.

    So here we go. Here's 10 songs I think will be on JD, excluding leaks. I may not necessarily want them to be there, but I think they will.

    I mean, it's Katy Perry on a dance track. Need I say more? Additionally, she's a main artist on the track and the official vid is on her channel, not Zedd's, so I think her label has the majority of the rights.

    I think this would a be a great song to have in JD. The official video already has an impressive…

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    Well, new songs on JDU have motivated me to bring this back and I now have to announce that JD is officially gone from the charts I monitor. RIP.

    Most importantly LADY GAGA IS AT NUMBER ONE FOR THE FIRST TIME SINCE 2011!!! Thanks to an Oscars-fueled boost "Shallow" rockets up 20 spots to claim the top spot. It almost restores faith in the chart. Almost. Looking at you, number 9. The only consolation is Nicki's version of #9 counts toward it being there (Thanks YouTube Music?).

    Some album bombs from Gunna (ew) and Offset (meh) disrupt the bottom 50, but that didn't stop Ski Mask the Slump God's "Faucet Failure" from debuting at #100! Finally a good song from this genre charts.

    In the past months, some minor chart disruptions occurred mo…

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    Well I told myself I would do this earlier this week and then... I didn't. With JD still officially absent from the Hot 100, it's really hard to be motivated to do this early.

    Anyway, Ariana Grande debuts on top of the chart with "Small BBQ Grill" "7 rings". We all saw that coming. The song is good once you get over the whole "Ariana what are you doing you're not a rapper" thing. Still weird. Future's album bomb almost completely missed the top 50 so that was pleasantly surprising. And we got some new hip-hop debuts from J Cole and Logic. Both... eh... Last week's debuts slipped a bit this week but "Dancing with a Stranger" should rebound due to the official video dropping.

    On the EDM chart, "Crab Rave" hits a new peak following a bett…

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    Halsey, thanks to her stretchiness, returns to the top. But will she be able to keep the spot away from Ariana? Who knows?

    Another slow week on the Billboard chart as the Future album bomb can be seen looming in the distance. Two notable collabs can be seen debuting in the top 50. Sam Smith and Normani's "Dancing with a Stranger" at #33 and Gesaffelstein and The Weeknd's "Lost in the Fire" at #27. Both songs are good, minus a few lines from the latter.

    Next week should be more interesting as Ariana Grande is projected to top with "7 rings" and Future is projected to crap all over the place.

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    Nothing to see here :/

    Song Artist Position Peak Weeks On
    One Kiss 43
    Toy 22

    Song Artist Position Peak Weeks On
    Despacito (Remix) [JD2018] 105


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